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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm emailing so much because I had been using Evernote for task management and it just wasn't working well with the way I wanted to work. I have started (actually re-started) using Toodledo for task management and I'm emailing the task info out of Evernote to my email account and then emailing those tasks into Toodledo. For some reason when I tried to email from Evernote directly into Toodledo the note body did not show up on Toodledo, but it does from my email account. BTW, I would love to see Toodledo & Evernote integration. Is the 100 email daily limit also in place for Premium accounts? (looks like I didn't ask this one quickly enough) Is the "day" used to calculate the daily limit just a 24-hour period or does the "day" start and end at a specific time?
  2. Is there a daily limit for emails sent out of Evernote (free version)? I've searched the KB, these forums, the user guide and the web in general and haven't found anything that referenced a daily email limit. Yet while emailing a series of notes out of EN yesterday I received this message: "Email limit reached. The email could not be sent because doing so would exceed the daily email limit for this account." I thought I could just wait until today to continue to email, but I am still receiving that same message. I received the message yesterday around 10:30pm CDT. I tried again today around 8:30am CDT. I don't know how many emails I sent out of EN prior to receiving the message, but it was probably less than 100. I'm using the EN Mac client v.1.10.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.4.
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