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  1. So why can't one scan in one page which is 8 separate items amd save them as 8 different notes - what does your scanner recognise which separates the notes you've chopped up?
  2. Thx but that doesn't sound terribly useful... since each small page may be a separate note how might one divide them up and save them as separate notes? I would say that the impression one might get from your illustration on your site is that this is less useful than the reality demonstrates. Why bother to save 16 notes as one rather than individual ones? Thanks for any help on this - I wanted to buy the AbrAsus but now I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.
  3. I see from some notes on the site that one can scan in a page which has been folded 3 times (gives 8pp or 16pp back and front) and use the folded paper in a AbrAsus wallet. How does one do this so that each page (eg 1/8 page) is recognised asa separate note - are they titled from the heading on the top of the page? Thx.
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