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  1. I have two suggestions. 1) there might be a way to do this, but I haven't found it in preferences or the menu. I'd like that when I open the Evernote program/window, that it open to the list of notebooks rather than the list of notes. 2) I absolutely hate the fact that Evernote tries to find the boundaries of something I'm trying to take a picture of, then takes the picture automatically, often distorting the shape of the thing. I wanted to keep a notebook log of artwork I've created, but there's no direct way of getting good photos into Evernote. I have to take a photo, then drag and drop it into Evernote. I suggest making the 'smart' feature of the Evernote camera optional, so that people who want to use it for documents and receipts and don't care about distortion can still do that, but that it can be turned off and used as a regular camera that the user fully controls. Thank you, Mary.
  2. It would be helpful for me to have the option of printing either only the title or the full headers (which includes full date and location) when printing a note. Right now it seems that the only way to get the note title to print is by selecting the full header. While it makes the most sense to me to have this an option in the print dialog window, having it in the Evernote preferences would also suffice. Thanks, Mary Thompson.
  3. Hello - I would like to be able to zoom in on a document displayed in the window without having only the option of enlarging the window. Some PDFs or images display too small to easily read. Thanks, Mary.
  4. If I delete a notebook, does it automatically delete all the notes in it? Must I manually move all the notes out first, then delete it? Thanks, Mary.
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