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  1. Evernote user from day one. Loved EN4, was happy with it NEVER changing and then decided to get EN for my business. Everything going well, getting used to the business features, love the separate business and personal stacks. THEN I updated to EN5 and now all my notebooks are mixed? WHY did you make such a major change WITHOUT asking us or giving us a choice. I'm very busy starting a business and WANT biz & personal separate, now they are in a giant mess, with identical named folders. This can be HOURS of work for me to get it back to what I like and then I have to figure out which notes are biz and which are not? WTF were you thinking? Evernote has always heloed me be more efficient, this just creates a boatload MORE work for me. Please undo this or give us the choice. This is one of those changes that can make me go from an evangelist to a former user. I'm really regretting the five business accounts I just paid for ($480!). Or give me a link to download the last version of EN4 and I'll wait until it's obsolete to upgrade (or switch to a differnt sploution). To say that I'm livid is an understatment.
  2. Please just grant me one more wish to make Evernote perfect... Please add a vertical list to the notes column! AKA, a snippet view w/o the snippets!!! Just the title of the note would be fine.... Currently: List Snippets Thumbnails New and perfect: List - horizontal List - vertical Snippets Thumbnails
  3. Well it happened again, twice! all my Evernotes are on my android (Dell Streak) device (all on SD card for offline use), go to bed, wake up, press the Evernote widget and they are all gone! No factory resets, nothing. I'm gonna blame the device before I blame Evernote. Is there a setting on 2.2 that "resets" all your apps? another app interfering? SD card does not show anything being taken up by evernote. Other apps (DOggcatcher podcast app) still on SD card with no issues. I know that I've lost it all when it asks me to log in again and starts downloading snippets.
  4. Hello Enote peeps, I've got Android 2.2 on a Dell Streak. Have had Evernote on it for over a year with no issues. But I recently did a factory reset, installed enote, and downloaded ALL my (offline) notes. That took a while(!). Twice now, I have had them all wiped out. I press the Evernote icon and have to log in, Once I log in, all my offline notebooks are GONE and it starts to download snippets. What am I doing wrong or different?? thanks, Gene S.
  5. alessio. thanks for that tip. But it's only for viewing and why triple the number of screen presses to view a note fullsize? and then to edit (or do anything else) this full screen view, you have to get out of it and start pressing more buttons. So keep the buttons bar in the full screen mode too. gbarry. I hope this makes logical sense to the decision makers! gene s.
  6. Hello Evernote! One of your biggest fans/users/evangelists here with a little gripe. I use a Dell Streak 5 (5" android phone/tablet) and will always favor 5 to 7" devices. But these are still tiny screens. Your latest version seems to be wasting some screen room for absolutely no reason. Perhaps this looks better or prettier on bigger screens, but really hurts the vast majority of us on sub 5"ers. Please take a look at the pics below, they should be self explanatory. I know that this is just a GUI issue, and I have no idea how difficult or easy it would be to change. But please consider it!!! Just combine everything on one tool bar and save half the room and eliminating the edges would make a HUGE difference! [attachment=0]P1010028edit.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]P1010027edit.jpg[/attachment]
  7. Coming from a marketing background, I agree with your comment. For every written comment, there are dozens of unwritten, but similar supporting views. +1
  8. Hello! Loving my Evernote, but ran into a problem. ALL my notes/notebooks are selected for offline(for sure) and are on my device(I think). But when I don't have an cellular or wi-fi connection, I cannot access the notes on my Dell Streak (Android 2.2). Says something like "no connection" and will not open the note. In airplane mode, it seems to work OK and I have access. The whole idea of Evernote for me is to have my info with me 100% of the time. Even when I'm deep in a basement of a building. What can I do to keep from having to put it into airplane mode and still have my notes open? thanks! Gene S.
  9. +1000 for locking Evernote as a whole or individual notebooks! PLEASE!!! I promise that this will be my last request EVER!!!
  10. Nice! Thank you. Enjoyed the last podcast too. BTW. After you guys are done with P90X, then do INSANITY and then join a local CROSSFIT. That will kick your asses on a daily basis and change you life.
  11. Hello! I have Evernote on my Dell Streak (Android 2.2, Evernote 2.5). I went to edit one of my (most important) notes, i typed in some text and noticed that the rest of the data (text/formatting) in that note was gone!!! All that was left was the text that I just typed. No warning about appending, nothing about overwriting. Luckily I got to a PC and cut/past the note elsewhere. Because the moment it synced, that note's data was GONE! Just like on the phone. What's going on? I'm afraid to edit ANY notes on the phone. This makes Evernote on the Android a "read only" device. That's no bueno! HELP!!!
  12. Still debating whether to go with Iphone 4 or Dell Streak (not asking for opinions on that, thank you). And would like to know how it looks/feels on the Streak with the bigger screen real estate? Android 1.6 or 2.2? With a Bt keyboard? thanks!
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