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  1. Just recognized that one of the notes created on my iPhone has synced with the Windows Desktop app. May have occurred earlier than today (I did take yesterday off for the Fourth!!), but very pleased to see this. ScottLougheedCan you confirm that work was done on this bug? rosalitaCan you see any synced notes in your account? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I submitted Support Ticket #594448 on June 21 and have gotten no response whatsoever. I will note that EN on my iPhone did eventually sync with my Mac desktop, but is back to only downloading updated notes and not uploading ones created or modified on the iPhone. The data set is extremely limited, however, because I have pretty much given up on using EN and have moved on to other applications. I hope you are able to find an answer. If I ever do hear back about the support ticket I will post an update in this thread. Rosalita - hoping for good news when your ticket is reviewed. Thanks for posting when you hear more...
  3. Thanks Scott - I will wait to submit a support ticket until next week and see if Rosalita's ticket has been reviewed and handled. It has been some time since I have had a bug like this surface in my mobile use of EN, so kudos for a nice run there.
  4. I believe something similar happened this week with my EN on iPhone, iPAD and Windows desktop. A text note created on iPhone did sync w/my iPad version but after many attempts has still not synced on my Windows desktop application. And syncing from the desktop updates notes on both iOs apps. Was just about to create a support ticket but wanted to see if anyone else had recent similar experience. Have you submitted this bug yet?
  5. I, too, have the same problem - but the auto title is grabbing calendar items (ie Note from Bob Smith's Birthday). FWIW, I think the problem is limited to sharing notes to Evernote from the Chrome BETA browser on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I do not seem to have the problem when generating notes from within the stock ICS browser or from other apps (say FEEDLY, or TWEAKDECK). Thanks for any insight/suggestions...
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