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  1. Wow! That actually worked, bllarkin! Thanks a lot! It appears to be a common Legend-error. I just read some posts on the support forum for Android Market by other frustrated Legend owners. Apparently a Samsung phone has the same issue. And not only evernote, but Layer, google goggles and some other apps as well. I got it installed, now I hope it works Odin
  2. Hi, I just got my HTC Legend and I'm a new Android user. I got tipped off about Evernote and decided to try it out. However I encountered some problems finding it. How come I can't find evernote on Android Market? I have created an account at Evernote.com, scanned the QR Code and searched Android Market, but it just comes up with the following message: "No matches for the search 'pname:com.evernote'". I live in Norway and have a norwegian carrier. Maybe it isn't available up here in the north? I was hoping some of you guys could help me out here. Thanks! Odin
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