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  1. What could possibly be the reason for denying the user the use of the list view in full-screen mode? EDIT: Nevermind. There's already a thread about it.
  2. Feeling pretty stupid right about now Thanks. It works great now.
  3. Couldn't find a feedback link anywhere so I'm putting it here. Hopefully other users will voice their agreement. A lot of times, if not always, when I create a new note I type in the title -- unless the title came straight from browser, which is awesome -- and hit tab to type in the tags. It's a quick way to get this routine done but unfortunately the flow breaks here: after this I usually tweak the note text itself, and even though I know it wont work, I'll always hit tab when in the tags field to get to the note text because it's so obvious it should work like that but instead it'll just take me to the font selector and the font size all the way to whatever the last button on the toolbar is, forcing me to take my hand off the keyboard and click the text area with my mouse. Some might think it's not a big deal but when you're putting in a lot of notes per day it absolutely is. I doubt many people use the keyboard to use the font and formatting tools so there would be no harm in letting the tab key skip the toolbar and go straight to the text itself. It'd be great if you considered tweaking it. Thank you for a great service!
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