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  1. @PinkElephant Thank you for the useful explanation on search. The syntax operators like AND, OR, NOT will be great additionnal features indeed. I agree I had a very good price for a long time. Actually, I am not complaining about the increase itself (which is only for my wallet, and not for recent users) but about its timing and context. What I would expect from EN staff is the recognition of the failure of the Android development, the setting of a timeframe to fix it (12-24-36 months, whatever they need) and in the meantime, reinstalling the old 8 EN version in the Android store, while doing basic maintenance if needed. Instead of that, they have only been doing minor bug fixes for the last three months. You only have to read the comments on App store to understand that EN 10 is working only for a few percent of Android users (and probably 0% for phones on Android 11). That doesn't sound good management to me.
  2. @PinkElephant you are right, let's be factual and detailed. The truth is I am paying 45 dollars/year (i.e 35 euros) for a premium subscription until 2022. The new plan I will be paying next year will be 60 euros, i.e a 71% increase (thank you EN for not raising the price of a not-working and unusable app during the course of plan). It sounds to me that there was a kind of tolerance around the 10 Go upload (I had sometimes got a bit beyond and I could still work with the app). Now this will be on the upgraded plan at 90 euros, 157% increase. What EN calls Boolean research will be on the 90 euros plan. If I understood well (but I am not sure of that), "boolean research" includes searching with keywords like notebook, tag: (useful for multiple tags on desktop) -tag:*, intitle: etc. It's not clear for me if this kind of research is still includes in the 60 euros. That is for the "false rumor" on increasing prices, and sorry for not doing the right maths. The increase will finally be higher for me.
  3. I already got in contact with the support. Even Did a video for them. Told me they couldn't resolve this issue and that they were working on it. That was 3 months ago and no news since then. And Shane D at the beginning of this post is not a user. That's why I am asking here : When EN will release an Android Version which is not beta, and that is effectively working on capture with camera? Is really that too much asking when you've been a paying subscriber since 10 years ?
  4. Exactly the same for me. I got the same issue on Pixel 4 - Android 11 since the 1st day of EN 10. I contacted the support who couldn't resolve it. I posted in the forum in may to point this out. No news since, except the 80% increase of the subscription prices ! I went back on EN 8, but how long the old app not maintained will do the job? Very deceiving after 11 years as a user...
  5. End of July, and no news on fixing the issues described above (and notably capture with camera) ? And the ONLY news I receive in my email box is : "Oh btw, we got new subscription plans" (and 80% increase !). Are you kidding ? 15 of the 25 last comments on french Android App store are one star., score at 3.8. For my part, old app downloaded on an apk site (still working perfectly, even not maintained!!!) and two months on manual update for all the rest of my Android 11. Is this going to last forever ? Is anybody from EN reading here ???
  6. End of May and no fix for the latest Android versions yet ? Unsound synch, notes creation and capture disabled are here to stay forever ? Can we hope any positive news soon ou should we consider that Evernote for Android is running for best business self-destruction case ? App already below 4 score in french playstore...
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