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  1. Like many Evernote 10 "improvements", making the ability to search within a notebook so hidden and difficult to find just totally sucks. Searching "search within notebook" in the main Evernote help provides nothing helpful in this regard. Had to do a Google search to find THIS note. Why can't search be a selectable option WITHIN the notebook? I still mainly use Evernote Classic on my main systems, to keep the save Save email to Evernote from Outlook capability. But I have current Evernote on my laptop, just to give it a try, and stuff like this gives me no incentive to use the current version.
  2. And legacy brings back the Outlook Clipper. Yay. But for how long? Also annoying, but not totally unexpected, I've now got to wait while my 13,450 notes resync to this version.
  3. And I'm installing the legacy version right now. I understand that I can forward emails to my Evernote email account. That is a wholly unsatisfactory work around for me. I guess I'll use the legacy version as long as I can, and then hope something else comes around that suits my needs. Disappointing after being a subscribing member for 10 years.
  4. Agree with the majority of this thread. I use the Outlook Clipper, all day, every day. Losing it makes Evernote much less useful for me. :(
  5. Here you go! Oops! I should clarify. This was NOT searching WITHIN a notebook. This was searching all the notebooks. But same question: why are some results highlighted?
  6. In Mac version 10.1.7, I'm searching within a notebook. I get a list of 268 results. In the middle of the list is a handful of results (14) that are highlighted in bold type. What does the bold type highlighting of some search results represent?
  7. I search for stuff in specific notebooks all day long, and this change freaked me out. Seems there should be a better way to let people know how to search in a specific notebook. The new method works OK, but it's totally not intuitive that it now works this way. I had to come here to the forum to find the answer. So yay for the forum support, but I don't think I should have had to do that, for such an important function of Evernote.
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