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  1. Hi. Thanks for your reply and for directing me to your GTD/TSW topic/thread (which I am yet to go through), and for the PhraseExpress tip. Massive gratitude to you for letting me know legacy can be re-installed. My experience has been that software normally doesn't allow this. I have been away from my PC but have just downloaded and installed. My notes all displayed instantly, all my formatting, settings and preferences intact - was bathed in warmth and light as the sun broke through the clouds, birds started chirping and flowers bloomed! Bitter-sweet though - like you I now wonder how long we will be able to have this tool or an upgrade which actually incorporates the functionality Evernote has spent years and years fine tuning into legacy, just to not only through the baby out with the bath water, but the bath too...
  2. I have been using Evernote for about 12 years and am extremely disappointed with this update. I worked ninja fast and efficiently on the old platform but this new build is clunky and inefficient. For a start it takes a good 5-15 seconds for notes to load or for search results to show. That in itself is a game-changer. This build has also lost the ability to Control ":" to add date and time stamps which I have been using for years to update contents of my 37000+ notes (eg 210306 12:16 p.m. as I write this posting) which gives me the ability to quickly search for any notes that were in the past edited on that date (even if subsequently edited/updated); the Home page - well, I guess it might be useful for some people - personally I was able to get things done really fast starting at the All Notes page (snippet display) with sidebar which with the new update now also shows about half of the information that the previous Windows legacy version did. In addition unless this build has changed the search syntax, "Created:<date>" no longer returns notes created after the date inputted - another function I used regularly. Having only just installed Windows 10.8.5 yesterday I am still finding things that have changed (unfortunately so far almost entirely for the worse not better) but it is not easy to put the platform through its paces when having to wait so long for search results and notes to load. Really, this update has crippled my productivity with Evernote. I would go back to the previous version even without support at this stage. I am not a regular poster so I apologise if this is posted in the wrong place. I just has to post about this deeply frustrating change with Evernote Windows.
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