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  1. Yes, I have been using Evernote since it was the size of a moderate city (to use the podcast measuring technique), and have been a huge advocate to all who will listen (and many who won't). And I absolutely did have a complete misunderstanding of how it worked under the hood since I was thinking of it like any other cloud storage service, just with more functionality, not realizing that the aspects that gave it that greater functionality were what also made it unlike a traditional cloud storage service. Thus, our frustration when all we wanted to do was migrate our notes out to another cloud storage service or, even better, keep them synced with such other services. Or, alternatively, just migrate them out to a folder on our computer in bulk (ie, not just one at a time) in a way that clicking on the file opened up the content in a familiar and useful application. I know there would an issue with multiple format notes, but speaking only for myself, my notes are either pdf, or text, or photos, or web pages, almost never are they some combination of those. But, definitely, I would tell anyone that was comfortable with HTML as a format to try out that method of extracting their files and see. My primary problem with HTML as the export result are: 1. HTML readers, basically browsers, are just not great for viewing stuff like this. 2. The note attachments, such as a pdf, are much better viewed in a pdf reader, jpegs in a photo viewer, etc, so that these would have to be meticulously removed from the HTML. 3. When the idea is to take the note contents and migrate them to another cloud service, you have to jump through some hoops to get the content out of HTML and into more traditional formats for the best viewing experience in those other services. So, while exporting to HTML will definitely get your data out of Evernote and onto your hard drive, and you don't lose anything, if you don't want to view them every time in a web browser or some other HTML reader, you have a hard road ahead to get them into another format (without using a third party service). Edit to add a thank you for understanding where we are coming from, JohnDM
  2. JohnDM: Yes, most of us NOW already understand everything you just explained, the point is that it was not what we expected it to be (which may make us ignorant in your eyes) and we were disappointed when we found out how it really worked and were looking for a way for it to work more like what we expected. That is all. I tried the HTML export, I tried the EN proprietary format and neither were pleasant experiences. Yes, we were hoping it would work much more like a folder system so that it could sync and migrate TO a folder system as a back up and parallel system. Again, maybe you find that silly, that is fine. But I use Drive, Evernote and Dropbox very much the same way and I can migrate stuff between Drive and Dropbox very easily. I was simply hoping and expecting I could do the same with Evernote. Now we all know that it doesn't work that way without a third party client. All that happened here is that one helper got very defensive that we were frustrated with the options Evernote offered and, much as you, insisted that we were silly for expecting anything different, that the Evernote method was perfectly fine and if we didn't like it, the problem was with us, not the product. Not very helpful. But enough of us were in the same boat, with the same desires and frustrations, that we found alternative ways to get to where we wanted. That really is all that has happened.
  3. Well, I would disagree entirely, jefito. Almost every post here has been discussing solutions to this problem, expressing their agreement that it IS an issue and also expressing their relief for having found this thread. The few times BurgersNFries has been mentioned has been in passing as part of making those other comments. While I can understand your desire to both back her up as a devoted and very loyal power user and also to shuttle this thread right out of the line-up, there is one very important reason it needs to remain: People are obviously coming to the forum and searching for this issue in order to find out how to solve this problem, and this thread has helped them. It has helped them realize they are not missing something built in that does what they really want to do (ie, they are not doing anything wrong) and it has helped provide some alternative solutions to accomplishing their goal.
  4. Well, yes, it is Evernote's problem if we, as the paying customers, are frustrated and unhappy with how it works. The fact that this thread keeps getting resurrected by people trying to solve the same problem, and running into the same frustration, speaks volumes. Maybe Evernote will someday include a CloudHQ-like option for migrating/syncing to other services. A lot of people feel more comfortable nowadays having multiple cloud services, especially with storage so cheap.
  5. Yes, I think those of us who were not sure how it worked and why it was not easy to migrate really do understand now, and I can even say that I understand why Evernote does it that way. But that doesn't mean that doing such a migration or syncing is simple, and it is definitely not intuitive. Even as someone generally tech savvy, the idea of working with HTML is not within my comfort zone. Honestly, I am not sure how Evernote could do what it does in a way that makes it easy to migrate and sync, so I am not blaming Evernote for that. But I need flexibility. So, here is what I did: I used CloudHQ during its free trial to sync all my notes over to Google Drive as a one-time dump. It did a GREAT job converting all the files to usable and familiar formats and even kept all of the folders in place. Then I let CloudHQ lapse since it was just too pricey to keep it going as a monthly service. Now, I save most things in both places and keep a dual system going. For single documents I will scan them in using Drive on my phone since its scan feature is better than Evernote's. That syncs to my desktop Drive folder, where I simply right-click the pdf file and "Send to Evernote". This works well. I could also use TX281's excellent suggestion of having my Drive folder be an Evernote watch folder, but I actually put some stuff in Drive that I don't need in Evernote. Otherwise that would be even one step easier.
  6. I just wanted to report back after using Cloud HQ to move my bulk notes to Google Drive, and then continuing with regular syncing for the free period. It worked like a charm. It was very easy to configure and start it running and, a few hours later, all of my Evernote notes were existing, complete with folders, in Google Drive. After that, every time I added a picture, note, etc, to Evernote it added it to the appropriate folder in Google Drive. My free time is about to expire, and I will not be going forward with the paid service. Not because it doesn't work well, but simply because the main usefulness was to handle that bulk transfer. Going forward I think it will be fine just uploading an item to both places (most of my notes are uploads from my phone or computer, not actual writing notes), so it is just a few minutes extra to repeat the upload to the other service. The peace of mind and convenience of having all of my stuff in two places is worth that effort.
  7. Yes, on a note by note basis it is not an issue. The problem is when you want to export the notes and their attachments in bulk that Evernote does not provide a practical solution but these third parties do.
  8. The best advice I can give would be to use the free trial of Cloud HQ to extract your existing notes out to Google Drive or Dropbox then decide from there. It will keep them synced during the trial and when it is done you can let it go and then just get in the habit of saving to both places if you want parallel systems (as I do). I have not found a better way to do that one time large extraction.
  9. Cool, I'll remember that. I wonder how it handles a note containing a composite of text, docs, pdfs, and jpgs. I've a number of notes like that. I've done some operations where I would do the export, then parse the html content to extract the info I wanted. It's messy, though. I am not sure how it would handle that, I should do an experiment. But I have been very happy with the service and now that I have my full Evernote collection copied over to Drive while using the free trial, I will likely just manually copy each new note/document to each platform. Not much extra work, really. I just save it to Drive, then later on my computer I go to my Drive folder and use "send to" on each note to drop them into Evernote. So far, it is a breeze, and I have all of my stuff in two parallel systems which comes in handy.
  10. Which is what I was telling you... Glad you found some way to do whatever it is you are wanting to do. Ah, but the clever idea was to be able to quickly sift through the entire pile of HTML files and get to the actual "meat" of the note, the attachment itself. If I had not found this other solution, then that would have been the best way to go. But being able to get all of my files out of Evernote without having to dig into HTML files at all is even better. What I wanted was very, very simple: to have access to all of my Evernote notes outside of Evernote in useful formats such as doc, jpg, pdf, etc, without having to mess with the very inconvenient HTML. CloudHQ is giving me exactly that.
  11. Wow, I found a service called CloudHQ which can sync Evernote and Drive, and it is seeming to do it seamlessly! The notes are all coming over as either pdf or jpg files or non-editable doc files (which is fine!), no HTML in sight! There is a 14-day free trial, so I can do my entire one-time dump of notes into Drive and then cancel if I want, since my plan is to go ahead and enter all new documents into each separate platform at the same time (doesn't take much to create a scan and then save it to both, for example). But, I might just stick with it (although $9 a month is a bit steep for the amount of convenience I would get going forward). Edit: actually the doc's are editable in Word! All of my Evernote notes are now on my computer in a regular folder (my Google Drive folder, which syncs to the cloud service) and in the cloud at the same time. Edit 2: AND, they are coming over in separate subfolders for each Notebook, which is very, very useful compared to just a bit bucket of files! Edit 3: even more wow: the file (whether jpg, pdf, doc, etc) has the name of the Evernote Note as it's file name, not some generic name as when you export!
  12. Yes... that's a disadvantage of Evernote. It doen't work the same way dropbox does, which is both good and bad. At any rate, if you wanted to pull all of the PDF's out of Evernote in native format, for example, you could do an html export of all notes and then do a windows desktop search in the exported folder for *.pdf and then cut and paste the results, which should be all your PDFs, into a folder on your computer. I think there's also a way to right click a note and "save attachments" in Evernote but I don't know if it works with more than one note selected off hand. Now that is a clever idea! Thanks!
  13. Actually, it seems you are not understanding. It appears at the very least you don't understand the difference between putting a file into Evernote vs putting a file in Dropbox & trying to compare the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Dropbox is exactly like using a hard drive because...you're using a hard drive. Evernote creates notes in a MySQL (or SQL lite) database file & can have file attachments. These are very different approaches and unlike a hard drive experience, Evernote allows you to add other information to the note. And you don't seem to understand html. Again, mp3, mp4, wav, pdf files are NOT altered when you export to html. HTML is a "wrapper" for text & files. If the note you're exporting has an mp3 file attachment, that attached file will be exported as an mp3 file. Clicking on the html displays the note pretty much exactly as you view it in Evernote. There really is not a more generic way to get information out of Evernote than exporting to html, since html can accommodate most file types. I don't know how to make it any clearer to you. Perhaps someone else can. Oh, I definitely know NOW how Evernote stores its notes, my question was whether I can get the note contents out easily *without* having them packaged in HTML. That has been my question all along, and it seems that the very unfortunate answer to that question is "no". The bottom line is that if you want to migrate your notes to another service, it is definitely NOT easy, as you stated. In fact, it is basically impossible since it puts them into HTML, which is not the same experience at all. Now I understand WHY it is impossible, but the confusion was in the statement that it was not only possible, it was "easy". What qualifies as "easy" is migrating the files to a new system and they show up in that system in exactly the same format they would if I had stored them in that system from the beginning. ie, not HTML. I do get why this is not possible, but the answer to my original question was "no, that is not possible". And, yes, of course the actual pdf or jpg is not altered, I can usually go into the HTML and find it and remove it just as it was, that is not what I am talking about (which I suspect you know). What I have described very clearly is that they since they are packaged in an HTML file upon export, they are *not* easily available to me in that native format. I have to go in and fetch each one individually, which is a hassle. And HTML is a pain to work with.
  14. You don't seem to be getting what I am saying. The format of the file will have changed because the way I have to view them has changed. Viewing a file in HTML is dramatically different than viewing them the way I would natively, in whatever app I choose to read jpg's, pdf's, etc. When I click on an HTML file, the experience is VERY different than when I viewed them in Evernote, which is almost identical to viewing them in a dedicated app for that type of file (Adobe for pdf, a photoviewer for jpg's, Word or Docs for text documents, etc). Viewing in HTML is a significantly degraded experience. Here is an example of the difference: I have a bunch of files on my computer and I transfer them into Drive or Dropbox. Then I decide to stop using that service and switch to another service. I grab those files in bulk and put them back into a folder in my computer and nothing at all has changed, those files are exactly as they were before and I can drop them into a different service. With Evernote, I have a bunch of files on my computer and I transfer them into Evernote. Then I decide to stop using Evernote and want to switch to another service. I can't just grab those files in bulk and put them back into a folder in my computer and have them be exactly the same as they were before, ready to drop them into another service. Or, I scan a document into Drive using the camera scanning function. It creates a pdf file in the folder I choose. That pdf is able to be copied and pasted into any other service at any time. I scan a file into Evernote, and the result is very different.
  15. Export to HTML. Open the HTML file with a browser or another app that "reads" HTML. OK, then I did "get it" since I knew I could do that, but it just isn't what I want to do. :0) Then, to confirm, there is no easy way for me to get the stuff I put in back out in its original format (ie, not HTML). That is disappointing. And that is one of the benefits I am seeing to Drive, it keeps all of my stuff in its original format, acting just like a standard drive on my computer, except with the Evernote-like features of app accessibility on all my devices, searching, text recognition, a superior camera scanning feature. What it doesn't have is Evernote's tagging, which is a big help.
  16. I suppose I have missed it. Here is what I want to be able to do. I want to take all of my existing Evernote files/notes and migrate them to Drive in such a way that I can view them as I did in Evernote. Thus a text file note would just be a text file. A pdf would just be a pdf, a jpg would just be a jpg, an email would be a text file of some sort. If it is, indeed, easy, then I would greatly appreciate a quick walkthrough of how I end up with separate individual files in Drive that I can access without any issues. Going forward I can easily save each new note item to both platforms (need to have both platforms now) but I just need to get the existing stuff equally available and accessible on Drive. Edit: I do know that I can right-click a note and copy the attachment in its native format (with a changed name), and that would be perfect, if it could be done for whole notebooks or all of my notes in bulk. Otherwise, having to do that for all of the hundreds of notes would be incredibly tedious.
  17. If you're using the Windows desktop client, the notes are in an exb file on your computer. The only way to batch export is to HTML, which is the most generic/portable way to export notes that may contain various types of file attachments. I've not used Google drive, but I would be amazed if Google drive couldn't "read" HTML. Yes, it can read HTML, but they don't come out as neat pdf's, jpg's, text files, etc. From my desktop Drive file it pulls up in a browser OK, but from the browser app, and from the mobile apps, they usually come out as a bunch of HTML code. That is not a very good solution. What I really want is simply a way to download all of my individual notes to my desktop. The text as text files, the pictures and pdf's, etc, in their native format. It sounds like once you invest the time to get all of your stuff into Evernote, it is not very easy to ever switch to another platform and migrate all of your stuff.
  18. I am trying to figure out the easiest way to get all of my existing Evernote Notes into Google Drive. I can see how to export, but it seems that just saves either html files or an .enex backup file, not all the individual notes separately and readable by Drive. I can right-click any note and save the attachment to the Drive folder on my computer, but that is very tedious, gives it a generic name, and doesn't work for all types of notes. I don't see any download option to get all of my notes down onto my computer, from where I could copy and paste them into the Drive folder. I am sure there is a simple way to do this, but I am not seeing it. Thanks for any help!
  19. OK, this is odd, and is both encouraging and frustrating. I can now take Page Camera photos of individual sheets of paper (whether as a single page note or multiple) and all the processing is done just fine. But it refuses to do the same for my Moleskine Evernote notebook. It will take the picture fine, but won't do any of the processing. Galaxy Nexus, latest beta of EN.
  20. True, if Evernote can't get this right, then they should go that route.
  21. I may have to resort to that, which is really too bad. I sent my logs in a long time ago (upon request) and have heard nothing back. It would be good to know what the status of fixing this problem is before I completely switch gears.
  22. What is frustrating is that I spent good money buying two of the new Evernote Moleskine notebooks because they were supposed to help getting the skew and finding the corners to create a flat document out of an "unflat" notebook page. That is around $50 wasted if this doesn't get fixed.
  23. Andreas, the idea behind Page Camera is pretty awesome if you want take pictures of pages (notebook or otherwise) and have them come out flat, skewed correctly, with the corners of the page found and used to create what LOOKS like a scanned document. I had it work correctly on one page, and it made that page MUCH easier to read. So, I think this is definitely a feature worth getting right.
  24. Your image is of an invoice. I thought the intent of Page Camera was to work specifically with Moleskine notebooks? The Page Camera images I have taken from the M-S notebook are clear and readable. The Moleskine notebook is simply supposed to make it work better, it should still be able to work on any similar notebook or paper. If yours works well, you should try it on other sources and see if it works as well. That would be an interesting experiment. I have the Evernote Moleskine and it doesn't work at all.
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