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  1. Hi all, I had just started to use markup within Evernote, a feature that I find extraordinary, and just last night I have installed the new 5.5 update on my MacBook Pro, and just noticed that markup now seems broken. The markup GUI comes up fine, I can create the markup I need, but when I save the file, it is not updated in the note that was selected for markup, and what I had done is simply lost. Am I the only one affected by this? Any more detail need, simply ask. Thanks, Luca
  2. I see you have exactly 1 message on this forum, and chances are that you have exactly zero notes of your on your Evernote account, so you're a brand new Evernote user, congratulations. That's why you see the incredibly annoying red circle. It seems to me that this red circle situation would be akin to going back to the car dealer bitching about the fact that the new car we've just received... smells like new! How would you think that a car dealer would answer to such a statement. Something like "if you start to use the car, it will stop smelling like new", I would guess. Well, if you start to use Evernote for what it's been designed to do, then pretty soon the circle will go away and will never come back. Ciao, Luca
  3. oh dssk, it's much much simpler than what you do, trust me! :wink: After you've annotated the screen shot with Skitch, just drag the Skitch window, where it says "Drag Me", onto the Evernote icon in the dock. Done. Seriously. It's *that* simple. Ciao, Luca
  4. good to know Graham! Given that the Evernote is a free piece of software, and given that Evernote itself can tell you when there is a new version available, maybe installing it from the Evernote website is not a bad idea. The PDF to Evernote is a pretty important feature in my opinion, I would not want to miss it. Ciao, Luca
  5. I guess that Evernote might want to point out in the error message that having the time correctly set up is one of the things to try. BTW Mac OS X by default uses NTP with one of the Apple's own NTP servers around the world, so time should always be right on Macs. Unless someone decides to disbale NTPD and change it for some reason, that is... Ciao, Luca
  6. BurgersNFries is (always!) right as I use Skitch on my Mac. It's very easy to create screen shots and annotate them, and then with a simple click you upload the image on their server and links to publish it via email or online forums are automagically generated. Very easy to use, and can't beat the price, as it's a free service! Ciao, Luca
  7. no problem Wayne. First and foremost, if you have downloaded Evernote from the Mac Apps Store, then beta is not an option for you. Apple does not allow beta code on their App Store. If, on the other hand, you have installed Evernote after downloading it from the website, then you can decide if you want to try beta code by going into the Preferences, and checking the appropriate box like shown here: A word of caution on running beta quality code. Some things might not work, and definitely monitor the forums more often if you find a problem with beta code. And to answer your last question, yes, non-beta code will also be installed when available. This morning I was prompted to update from 2.0.5 Beta to 2.0.5 released code, for instance. Ciao, Luca
  8. you mean something other than wait for the official 2.0.5 build? and I have just updated to the officially released 2.0.5 code (build 130391). Dave and team, you guys rock! 8) Ciao, Luca
  9. you mean something other than wait for the official 2.0.5 build? Just tried scanning and dropping PDFs on 2.0.5 Beta 1, and do confirm that everything seems to be working OK now. Thanks Dave! Ciao, Luca
  10. +1 on the problem flagged by christianboyce. I too sometimes get the file icon even though my setting in the preferences is for "inline". And if I close the note and reopen it, the file shows inline without a problem. This was with 2.04, now I have 2.05 Beta 1 (build 129541) but I have not tested if this has been fixed or not, yet. Ciao, Luca
  11. do you *really* update the whole system to an early release of a new version of the OS without using TimeMachine or SuperDuper! or other backup tools? :shock: Gee, I am so scared even of minor upgrades, when 10.6 got the Mac App Store with 10.6.6, I stayed on 10.6.5 for a few days longer monitoring the forums and Twitter to see if anyone was reporting problems after the update. Only then, when I saw no traces of big snafus in the update, and after having done backups of all the machines, I did the update. You really are adventurous! BTW, with the cheap USB drives you can find these days, there is no excuse to not do full backups. It's like an insurance, apparently useless until you really need it... Ciao, Luca
  12. PDFpen, a partner product which can be found in the Trunk, gives you plenty more useful functions to edit and annotate PDF files: http://www.evernote.com/about/trunk/items/pdfpen http://blog.evernote.com/2010/07/29/pdfpen/ Ciao, Luca
  13. +1 on this request, I too use Firefox and would love a 1-click way to grab a page into a PDF. Honestly, printing on a PDF and importing that into Evernote doesn't do the same thing, as invariably the page layout used when printing messes up the page badly. Ciao, Luca
  14. Well Graham, this very issue has been discussed already right on this forum just this week: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=20324 Did you install Evernote from the Mac App Store maybe? Just read that thread and you should be all set. Ciao, Luca
  15. Keep up the good work metrodon! And listen to jefito's wise words. This community exists because people like you "share the love" for Evernote to others. I've been mostly on the receiving end until very recently, and now that I feel like I can contribute with something slightly meaningful, I simply do it, hoping to be useful to at least one person. There will always be people who will critique what you do, and that happens for many different reasons. But I don't want to focus on that. Rest assured that your contribution to the forum is very much appreciated. Ciao, Luca Milan, Italy
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