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  1. Take a picture of your whiteboard, and store it into evernote. As someone said put class material in a notebook in evernote and share that with your students. Take pictures of your students with name tags and store them into a notebook called 'Fall Semester 2010 biology students' then one for 'Spring 2010 Biology Students' and 'Fall 2011 Biology Students' It's a great way to keep track of all your students, so if a student ever emails you 7 years later, you can bring up a photo of them of what they looked like and it could jog your memory on who they are Keep a copy of all your tests in evernote, and hand outs. So you always have a digital copy a backup if you say Take a picture with a regular camera of where your students sit in a class and upload it to the web interface. Great way to learn students name based on where they sit You can use it to keep track of student absenses too. (I haven't figured out exactly how you do that, but you can!) I'm sure there are many many more ways to use evernote. You can also get a video recorder and record your class (though this don't involve evernote) and then upload your class to youtube, mark it as private though!!. So if a student misses a class you can A: Share them the class notes via evernote, B: Send them the private URL to watch the video of that class via youtube. Anyways lol just kinda stumbled on this thread and thought i would post hehe
  2. or Ganesa it means Goddess of Wisdom. Because if you look at the icon the head plus the trunk looks like the letter G. So i was thinking of a G name
  3. I second a actual linux client from evernote. I want one from the company!
  4. is there somewhere where it can be suggested or anything? Or is it a just drop it kind of thing? I do get what you said there and it does make sense. But they are also 2 different things. One is digitized the other is not.
  5. I know you can share an entire notebook, I get that. But what about sharing certain tags within that notebook? Is it possible or can it be looked at for a possibility? I have lots of Images in my Images notebook. I have photos from different trips in that notebook, it helps me keep all my images organized. I have some pics tagged with safari trip then another set of images tagged with hawaii trip. So If i want to share the photos from hawaii trip I have to share the entire notebook. So is there a way to share just the photos tagged with Hawaii trip in the images notebook? So i dont show the other hundred photos in the image notebook.
  6. What about Hattie? After Hattie of New York City's Central Park Zoo. Hattie was described as the "most intelligent of all elephants" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hattie_(elephant)
  7. Ok So I just got my dad an Evernote account and I have 74 pictures of business cards I would like to import into evernote, each one being a separate note. What is the easiest way to import all of these in one swoop? Instead of clicking create new note, then typing in the name of the note, then hitting attachment and then adding it, and doing this 74 times. Is there a super easy way to import?
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