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  1. Actually, as of this moment the Evernote Windows app looks to be synchronized up to date with Evernote Web for me. Record counts match. Recent notes are there.
  2. As of right now my Evernote Windows app v 10.20.4 is showing data up through August 17 (13 days ago), plus two recent notes I entered manually into the client as tests. I looked at the support request process and decided it's not worth it to me to go through the bother of submitting an official support request. I haven't been using the Evernote Windows client for some time now and, given these problems, don't plan to use it. So my posts here on the problem are just to let other users know that one user experienced this problem. YMMV.
  3. I am posting this mainly to document the problem. I am not currently using the Evernote v10 Windows client. Problems in various Evernote clients and versions led me to go back to Evernote Windows Legacy version for some uses and to switch to OneNote for most active new work. FWIW I've been an Evernote premium user since approximately 2008. My account is still "premium." I have not upgraded to one of the new account levels. After not having used the v10 Evernote Windows app for several weeks I cranked it up yesterday to see whether it is working. It showed me notes only up through August 8 (I'm posting this on August 27). The Web Evernote, the Evernote legacy app, and the Evernote Android client had notes up through the current time and showed about 400 more notes than the v10 app showed. (The new articles are web clippings or email newsletter message copies. I'm not actively manually creating and editing new text notes in Evernote.) I uninstalled and reinstalled v10 Evernote. (Yes, at some point I rebooted my PC but I don't remember exactly when in the sequence.) The version that I installed and am currently running is v10.20.4. I left things alone overnight and this morning. Then I manually entered a new note via the v10 Evernote client/app on my PC. The new note sync'd to Evernote Web, Evernote Legacy, and Evernote Android. Evernote v10 continues not to have sync'd any other notes at all from after August 8.
  4. I'm abandoning using the Android Evernote app. I may still use the Evernote legacy version on my PC to collect web clippings but Android Evernote has become a frustrating, ever varying time sink instead of a reliable tool that facilitates efficiently capturing and accessing my notes. I wish Evernote and Evernote users success.
  5. Yes, we agree that the bug seems to be happening whether or not the notebook is declared "available offline." The only "toggle" I can find is in the notebook menu and it says "Available offline" and is grayed out and if I touch it nothing happens, no matter how long I wait. That "toggle" is the one that one pushes in order to "Make available offline." If you are referring to another toggle, or if you can tell me how to make the "Available offline" menu item do something, I will be grateful to learn.
  6. I encountered duplicate messages and sync conflicts in another notebook, one that is *not* available offline. So it's less important for me to be able to turn off "available offline" for the other notebook. I was just notified via email: "I understand you are experiencing duplicate notes on your Evernote for Android app. Apologies for the inconvenience. Our development team is aware of this issue and they are currently working on a fix."
  7. Trying to cope with slowness I decided to set one of my notebooks to be available offline. So I did that. Now I'm encountering duplicate messages and message sync conflicts. (I've opened a support ticket.) I'd like to turn off "available offline" for that notebook. But the only menu choice I can find is one that says "Available offline" and is grayed out (inactive). If I push on it nothing happens. The answer may be blindingly obvious but I'm not finding it. Is it possible for me to make an "available offline" notebook NOT available offline? Evernote 10.12 (1115297)
  8. Evernote (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). Windows 10 Home version 1709 OS Build 16299.125 I put files with "jpeg" extension into my Evernote import folder. It imported them. I opened the note, which showed the jpeg but rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise from what I had seen in the original file and from what I wanted. I right-clicked and selected "rotate clockwise" from the menu. There was some blinking and the picture disappeared and the note body had only the "Drag files here or start typing." text in it. The image disappeared both from the note panel and from the preview in the note list. I did it with the second file. Same result. I re-imported the two notes, and used the "Duplicate note" feature to copy one of them. I then did the "rotate clockwise" on all three of them. In all three cases the jpeg file (the image) disappeared.
  9. My *speculation* about the problems I was having (see my earlier message) is as follows: When Evernote started to work on the search it started to pull in the local indexes or other non-content data used to make searching efficient. Since I have 20,000 notes (I've been using Evernote since 2008) and many of my notes are PDFs even merely the indexes are huge. So my *speculation* is that the issue is not disk space (as some people have suggested above; I have a 1TB hard disk) but rather the size and complexity of the local indexes (in relationship to RAM? I have 4GB). So (to fabricate an over-simplified image) in order to find recent lunch menus at the Library of Congress Evernote was sucking into RAM the Library's whole card catalog, or at least a large chunk of it. With on-demand sync I will have only a small part of the card catalog locally instead of the whole nine yards; the rest will be in the sky.
  10. I have discovered a minor bug in the on-demand download feature. So far the behavior has remained constant. (304452), Windows 10 Home version 1607 14393.693. Before I started to use the beta I uninstalled Evernote completely and manually renamed my Evernote data folder out of the way to start from scratch. On my Android phone I use an app called PostEver2. One enters an item into it and sends the item. If there is no PostEver2 note for the current date it creates a new note. If there is an existing note, it appends a timestamp and the new text to the existing note. On-demand downloading successfully downloads the new note but does *not* ever download a new version of the note after it has been appended to. Evernote on the web, and Evernote on all my Android devices, correctly show the modified note.
  11. I'm very pleased about the on-demand sync for the Evernote Windows client. I don't think it is a question only or primarily of disk space. My experience for quite a while is that when I start to type a search term into the box Evernote would suddenly become unresponsive for a long time (minutes) then come back. I have 20,000 notes. Part of the problem is that my PC is poorly configured and it often becomes I/O bound. I was avoiding the desktop Evernote and doing things on the web because of the problems. I uninstalled Evernote and installed the beta several days ago. I'm very happy with the results. Evernote has been quite clever at not downloading a gazillion things. I have been doing my normal use of Evernote, which does *not* involve frequent searching of my whole note-base. The searches I have done have been quick enough and accurate. No more minutes of disk pounding.
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