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  1. I add a lot of PDFs into my notes and have preferences set to show them inline. However, recently (5.6.0 Beta) PDFs have stopped showing inline and just show as an attachment, even though Preferences are still set to inline. I can click no the attachment within a note and select 'View inline' and it works fine - but a) it's a nuisance, it should be inline by default and c) next time I re-open that note it's back to being just an attachment again. Any ideas?
  2. @sanj To be fair to EN, my original post about this was in September last year and they fixed this in the same month........
  3. @LittleLewy I'm guessing you have an iPhone older than a 5? I think what has happened is that Evernote have designed the version to best fit the 5 which is taller and so on the older phones, like my 4S, the bottom section that contains the camera button partially obscures the image. It is a real nuisance as you have to guess what it going to be in shot, but it does still work. Hopefully they will fix it in a later release, but in the meantime I'm still using it and it works fine.
  4. Make sure you are trying to slide the image area and not the control area. You need to slide from right to left to get the document image screen. I'd also recommend updating to the latest version that was released yesterday (7.0.1) as this fixes some issues with the document camera.
  5. I had the same issue, but the latest update (7.0.1 for the Post-It note addition) fixes this issue for me. Pages are all now displayed in the correct order.
  6. All, Evernote have just released a new version of the IOS app in order to support their new 'Post-It' relationship - the great news is that the page order issue appears to be fixed in this release. EN Support pointed me to it. You can get it from the App Store now. To me, the image quality also appears better, so @jdriggs it may solve your problem too? Hope so! I've also noticed that each note has for its little uploading tag back so that you know when each new note has been sync'd. I'm guessing there are some other little tweeks too. Anyway, good news is that the image ordering issue appears to be solved. Hurrah!
  7. I've got a case open with Evernote support on this. It has been forwarded to their developers to look at, but no idea on how long they will take before they look at it. I'll post back here as and when I hear anything from them. I'm a Premium user so in theory my support request will be higher up the list (fingers crossed!).
  8. Interesting. Then I reckon that the screen is optimised for the iPhone 5 and not the older 4S which I have. Smaller screen on the 4S means that some of the image is covered by the control panel. :-(
  9. So, I love the document camera notes, and use them every day...... Imagine my surprise when I take images of five pages of notes from today's meetings and instead of being saved in the normal order of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 they appear in my stored note in the somewhat random order of 4, 2, 5, 1, 3........ Testing with another three page document the pages appear in the order 3, 1, 2....... Testing with another four page document the pages appear in the order 2, 3, 1, 4....... Even the random order of display is completely random!!!!! And while I'm at it, why is the image on the camera now hidden behind the stupidly large controls at the bottom? How do you know if you have got the entire page in shot other than pure luck? This appears to be an issue with the 4S and older - perhaps the app is designed for the iPhone 5 only?
  10. Totally agree. The document camera feature is completely messed up in this release. Scrolling to get the document camera I can cope with, but why is the screen image obscured by the controls so you don't know what you are taking a picture of? Or is the image actually a much smaller and stranger over-square shape in the new app? Also - the flash is set to off by default...... the images are soooo much better with the flash on (as it was on the last 'all new' version of EN when this feature was introduced). And the response of the app is rubbish.... And when I take photos of five pages in a single document instead of saving in the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 order they are stored in the order 4, 2, 5, 1, 3........ WTF!!! Did nobody test this feature with the new release????????
  11. For me, just about everything is wrong with the IOS7 version of Evernote. It starts with the new horrible green colour and gets worse with the various 'feature changes'. And don't get me started on the notebook camera changes.... I much preferred the previous 'all new' version of just a few months ago. Can we start a petition to bring it back?
  12. It seems to me that the screen size has changed in the latest IOS7 version? Why? In the older 'all new' version of just a few months ago (which I like significantly better btw) the camera image area was just about right for the notebooks (not perfect, but almost), but now the image areas is far to square, so when you take a photo you get a picture of half another page as well as the one you want. This is seriously annoying as it is the primary way I enter notes into Evernote and now they all just look plain ugly!!! (mind you, so does the whole IOS7 app now, so I guess it is to be expected!)
  13. Absolutely with you on this. The Announcements section is totally in the way....
  14. Great. That has indeed fixed it. Thanks GM. When I loaded the native EN app it gave a message saying that an AppStore instance of EN was found - I'd tried to fully delete that - closed everything down, used AppZapper on it, etc. but there was still some trace? Any ideas what I missed? Anyway - it is all working again now, which is a huge relief! Thanks again. Steve
  15. Exactly the same issue for me. I'm just about to try your recommendation to see if it fixes it....
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