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  1. @sanj To be fair to EN, my original post about this was in September last year and they fixed this in the same month........
  2. @LittleLewy I'm guessing you have an iPhone older than a 5? I think what has happened is that Evernote have designed the version to best fit the 5 which is taller and so on the older phones, like my 4S, the bottom section that contains the camera button partially obscures the image. It is a real nuisance as you have to guess what it going to be in shot, but it does still work. Hopefully they will fix it in a later release, but in the meantime I'm still using it and it works fine.
  3. All, Evernote have just released a new version of the IOS app in order to support their new 'Post-It' relationship - the great news is that the page order issue appears to be fixed in this release. EN Support pointed me to it. You can get it from the App Store now. To me, the image quality also appears better, so @jdriggs it may solve your problem too? Hope so! I've also noticed that each note has for its little uploading tag back so that you know when each new note has been sync'd. I'm guessing there are some other little tweeks too. Anyway, good news is that the image ordering issue appears to be solved. Hurrah!
  4. I've got a case open with Evernote support on this. It has been forwarded to their developers to look at, but no idea on how long they will take before they look at it. I'll post back here as and when I hear anything from them. I'm a Premium user so in theory my support request will be higher up the list (fingers crossed!).
  5. So, I love the document camera notes, and use them every day...... Imagine my surprise when I take images of five pages of notes from today's meetings and instead of being saved in the normal order of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 they appear in my stored note in the somewhat random order of 4, 2, 5, 1, 3........ Testing with another three page document the pages appear in the order 3, 1, 2....... Testing with another four page document the pages appear in the order 2, 3, 1, 4....... Even the random order of display is completely random!!!!! And while I'm at it, why is the image on the camera now hidden behind the stupidly large controls at the bottom? How do you know if you have got the entire page in shot other than pure luck? This appears to be an issue with the 4S and older - perhaps the app is designed for the iPhone 5 only?
  6. So, I love this idea and have just placed my pre-order. I'm excited about it. What would be really cool though, is that instead of having to use 'Smart Stickers' that we can link specific words/symbols to create specific tags - for example, if I handwrite #EN it tags the page with Evernote, etc. I'm also keen to see if there is a way to create a To Do list automatically, so if I write #ToDo Evernote automatically adds a checkbox to my note that I can later tick off. That way I can simply search false:todo to find all of my actions and tick off the ones I've complete. Now that would be very cool.... But in the meantime, I'm already taking pictures of my notes using the camera feature and loving it!
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