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    The multi-column Notebook list view in Ver 6.0.6 is MUCH, MUCH better than the single column shown above for Ver 6.0.7 Beta 1.


    What would really be helpful is to add colors and icons to clearly identify:

    • Local NB
    • Shared NB
    • Joined NB


    Agreed. The new view wastes a bunch of space. The new "last edited" dates are nice, but the view could at least be two columns or something.


    Right click only seems to work in certain parts of the text box/cell - the top works but not actually the notebook name.



    In our experience this only happens when you control-click, and not when you right-click (or two finger tap on a trackpad). Can you confirm?

    Assuming you’re seeing the same issue, this has already been fixed but the fix did not make it in to the beta.


    Thanks for the feedback.



    FWIW, The only dead zones that I see with control-click are over the notebook names and number of notes.

    two-finger clicking, works on everything as you stated.


    Version: 6.0.6 (451290 Direct)


    You cannot add a link to selected text when editing notes within the main app window (i.e. in the right pane). It only works if you pop the note out into it's own window (by double-clicking on the note in the note list).

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Create/edit a note
    2. Type a line of text, not a URL, that you want to turn into a link. (ex: "this link")
    3. Highlight the text from step 2
    4. Do one of the following:
      • cmd + K
      • Right-click > Link > Add...
      • Format menu > Link > Add...

    Expected result: The "enter web address for this link" box opens up


    Actual result: Nothing happens

    Again, if you open the note in a new window, this works fine.

  4. We modified our paste options to be in line with Mac OS X standards. Paste and Match Style is available via the standard keyboard shortcut. We also have the Simplify Formatting option under the Format menu.

    Additional clarity re:"standard keyboard shortcut"... it's shift+cmd+v



  5. I figured it out... it's due to a single line of strikethrough text!?!

    Proposed solutions:
    BEST: support strikethrough editing!
    MINIMAL: fix the scrolling issue

    This is how it displays in the note list (note missing strikethrough):

    This is what it looks like when you open the note:

    This is what it looks like when you edit the note:

    If the note is longer than a single screen, you can't scroll more (even though the scrollbar says otherwise) and won't get the bottom edit box:

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  6. What happened to the vertical line spacing in Evernote v5.6?


    The biggest problem for me about the changes to vertical line spacing is that they've removed the additional line spacing before and after bullet point lists.

    I actually prefer it this way...

  7. I'd like to report that exact phrase searches still do not work properly on the Mac. This has been going on since 2011...


    This is really unacceptable.  It's like having an elephant with alzheimer's, you think it remembers EVERYTHING, but it really doesn't.

    The issue described is a find-within-note issue. We've logged this as a ticket and will get to it as quickly as possible.

    Excellent, thanks! @Jackolicious, is there an issue number that we can follow in the tracker for this?

  8. I'd like to report that exact phrase searches still do not work properly on the Mac. This has been going on since 2011...

    Very good example --> https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63195-exact-string-search-trouble/

    Here's a search that I just ran in a note...

    1. Lead quote, no trailing quote... it finds all instances of the words in the phrase (as expected):


    2. Double quotes on both ends of the string... it ignores some of the full phrases:


    ...but finds other instances of it further down in the note:


  9. It never occurred to me to look under Edit > Find > Save Search -- that is so counter-intuitive.

    Creating Saved Searches have NOTHING to do with editing or finding.  EN has used the term "find", as opposed to "search", to mean finding text within the Note body. 


    This is a bit harsh and I'd disagree... saving a *search* has everything to do with "finding". "Find" and "Search" are the same thing...

  10. Interesting. The file says PDF but says it isn't indexed. So weird. How do I make sure everything is indexed? Not sure how this happened.....just spoke with evernote support and sounds like PDF's are never indexed but so they will always say they aren't indexed (OCR'd instead). Not sure what the next step is...

    I downloaded the PDF from the note that you shared, clipped it into my evernote and I was able to successfully search for "turkey".


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