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  1. I have been an avid Evernote Personal (Premium) user for years, evangelizing to my friends and colleagues. I am in the process of evaluating Evernote Business (EB) for my organization. Everything I love about Evernote Personal is what I love about EB; search, sync across multiple devices, etc. etc, I don't need to tell you. The problem I am having for my organization is that we also need integrated business-specific tools. The solutions that we are considering alongside EB pale in comparison in every functional way--ease of use, searchability, integration with our existing tool set. However, there is one (big) area that is critical to business: communication/collaboration. I would love to see the following types of features: Comments on notes (thread exists)Set up reminders/tasks for other Evernote usersThreaded Facebook/Chatter/Twitter-like news feedWorkflow toolsYes, I know I can use bootcamp or something similar to get these features, but I want a single integrated tool in as much as is possible. Am I missing those features? Do other EB users agree? Are there any communication/collaboration features on the EB roadmap? Thanks, Len
  2. I can successfully sync my livescribe handwritten notes to Evernote, but the audio never shows up. I tried exporting audio and pages as well as just audio. Neither works. Livescribe indicates that the export has completed successfully, but no new note appears in my account. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm using Livescribe Desktop 2.3.4 for Windows. Thanks. Len
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