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  1. Why didn't you include the automatic generation of Table of Contents button when we highlight a group of Notes. I either have to keep using the Legacy version until you wake up and fix this or do it manually in the new version 10.6.9. How can you be complacent with losing functionality in migrating to the new version 10?? Please get this feature back in there or explain to us why you can't.
  2. I have read through most of the notes from this thread. One thing which I agree with completely is the reality that the Evernote team handled this transition very poorly and most of all they released to production version the BETA that was NOWHERE NEAR finished and ready for replacing the 6.25 Legacy version. I have gone back to the Legacy version and am waiting hopefully for the Evernote team to fix all these problems listed below. For me the central deficiency is the inability to edit the Create Date and Time, which is crucial for me in how I use Evernote. I use it for both busine
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