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  1. Yep. Still a problem. Has been since I started using Evernote on Android many devices ago. I wonder why it's such a problem? I mean *****, this thread was started how long ago and we're still here bitchin?
  2. Funny. I've got the same phone and reported EXACTLY the same thing to 'em. We've got this ginormous phone and suddenly it feels small again. I supplied screen shots as well and they said they were looking into it. I trust 'em. I imagine they'll do something in a future release. I hope so at least.
  3. Awesome. You know, that's why I love you guys. You listen!
  4. Thumb Keyboard is the default keyboard my Dell Streak 5. Awesome. Love it. I'm able to type very fast, but not as fast as a physical keyboard which is why I have a BT foldup keyboard and a BT mouse that I use often. Makes the Streak feel like a desktop!
  5. Ok. Sorry for not posting examples. I've attached a screenshot from my device. See how when I open a note, there is a gap around the left, top, and right of the note? I wish that gap wasn't there. When I go into edit mode, it leaves hardly any room for the editing window AND the keyboard. [attachment=0]screenshot.png[/attachment]
  6. Absolutely loving the new android interface but it seems to waste precious screen real estate. I kinda wish it would use room a little more efficiently, knowwhatimean? Dell Streak 5 on 2.2.2
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