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  1. I started this thread a couple of years ago. The advantage of the tree structure is that it allows you to "SEE" the organization of notes efficiently and navigate through the notes efficiently. It is not about searching, Evernote does that very well now. I recently heard about RIghtNote which offers a tree view of notes and offers a sync with Evernote. I will have to test it out. I still wish Evernote would offer a TREE VIEW of NOTES.
  2. I have used Ecco in the past and I have appreciated the efficiency of the Tree view of items. I think a collapsible/expandable Tree view of the notes in Evernote would be a killer addition. You could browse thousands of notes efficiently with a Tree view and it would add some organizational structure to the notes. I don't think it would be hard to add the parent/child data to your schema. thanks Rand
  3. Can I install this on a G1 with Android 1.6 ? During installation I get the error "Evernote could not be installed on this phone" Does it require a more recent version of Android ? thanks Rand
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