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  1. I have to add my name to this list. The new snippet view is far too busy - just too much info for one to be able to scan quickly. You can't even change the font size of the title. What the point of showing most of whats on the right also on the left in snippet view! List view would be fine - only if it showed the full note on the right instead of underneath. There should be an option to have it on the right. I want to quickly scan a list and then click on one to see the full note. This is all as step backwards for sure
  2. After upgrading try: Look at your Activity Monitor in Utilities and sort by %CPU to see if something is hogging your Mac. It could be EN! In EN go to Help > Activity log and see what happening Then use this fab program: fseventer for Mac. It will show you all the disk/file activity on your Mac. I have had this issue mainly caused by EN repeatedly attempting to create a thumbnail image for a corrupt note. Help > Activity Log will show you what EN is doing. You should be able to see the name of the note that is causing the issue. Open the note in Preview and save it to the desktop. Delete the note in EN fully. Add the note back in from the desktop. That should solve that issue.
  3. Also try: "WordService". It's Freeware. http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/index.html Adds and option to your Apple Services menu to insert the date at time. You can then add a short cut in Apple Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts You also get a host of other goodies with it.
  4. I've been using "Evernote Account Switcher" for a good few months now, and have had zero issues with it. I would say it works flawlessly. It also switches very quickly between accounts. http://www.jazzaround.net/eas/ The other alternative mentioned here, also works very well - having more than one account on your Mac. If neither of the accounts have a logon password, then the switch is very quick indeed. You can always add a password at the end of the day. Or just give the screen-saver a password. But I too am amazed that Evernote does not have the ability to allow multiple accounts open at the same time. I have 3 premium accounts at the moment. It's a no-brainer really, and would be an instant revenue stream.
  5. Try WordService - it's FoC http://www.devon-technologies.com/products/freeware/services.html
  6. Dr Skippy - this sounds like a great app. Sign me up for sure. Searching for a tag name is the big one for me - I create them, then can't find them!
  7. You can also right-click and "View as attachment" and then drag that icon out; or, a little know trick - right click and open in "Preview" and then drag the icon a the top of the document window title, yes, it draggable!
  8. Thanks folks. Saving searches as per "jbenson" is a good workaround
  9. Thank you all - but the question still remains: Can you confirm that it's not possible to save a search for shared notebooks? Will this be available at some point?
  10. Yes you can search shared notebooks, but no, you can't seem to SAVE that search. And you can't search shared notebooks from the "Account" tab; you have to be under the "Shared" tab.
  11. Cool. I guess that Julian Assange would be happy with that - so if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me But can you confirm that it's not possible to save a search for shared notebooks? Will this be available at some point? Thanks.
  12. When I link to a shared notebook (with full editing access), I see that if any given tag appears in one of the shared notes, then it will appear in the TAGS section under the SHARED TAB. This makes sense. But I see that no saved searches appear. Would it not be logical (and helpful) to have the SAVED SEARCHES appear under the SHARED TAB as well? ie: All those saved searches that reference any related shared notebook? Indeed, it seems that one can not even create your own saved searches under the SHARED TAB? Many thanks. EN 2.0 is looking good!
  13. Actually, I've just seen that next to the file in the note is a "Quick Look" button, but still nice to have it in the tool bar as well.
  14. It's OK - you just "mis-spoke" as Bill Clinton would say :-) Do please be so kind as to add it to the "little things to do that make a big difference" list :-) P
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