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  1. It's OK - you just "mis-spoke" as Bill Clinton would say :-) Do please be so kind as to add it to the "little things to do that make a big difference" list :-) P
  2. Nope. I took a look with PlistEdit Pro, and there is no pref in there for this. There are these prefs in EN itself: "Confirm on Tag Deletion" "Confirm on Saved Search Deletion" But these do not appear in the plist either! You would think that they would. Would be nice to get to the bottom of this, as I use EN to store invoices and important documents etc. Are you sure that there is such a warning for deleting notes? If there was, you would think a reset would be in the prefs like for Tags and Saved Searches. Thanks again.
  3. Yes, I put that in just to test how smart you are :-) Learning new words is smart! I appreciate your advice, but the issue is that I don't realize I've deleted the note in the first place. I can scan my Trash, but it's full of "detritus" from numerous merges.
  4. Thanks. Is there an option to "reset all warnings" like in some programs? I can't see it. If not, can I delete some pref/plist file? Or even edit it?
  5. It's all too easy to hit delete and delete a note by mistake - and there is no pref for a warning like on deleting tags, notebooks or saved searches. I know that deleted notes end up in the trash - but often you don't realize you've deleted a note in the first place, and in any case, my trash is filled with notes that are the detritus from merges, and an accidentally deleted note would just get lost. So please can we have a warning! Many thanks, and keep up the good work.
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