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  1. If i attach excel file in the note (from my hdd), is there a way for that file in the note to be updated as i make updates to excel file that is stored on my hdd?
  2. I wanted to say can different Notebook be set as default instead of all notes.
  3. Instead of All Notes can you set specific notebook?
  4. So many + reviews, i guess i am the only one who does not like new version at all...
  5. I have been using Evernote since 2010 and I have around 24GB in storage. Since my Mac laptop is only having 128GB i am constantly running out of space and I was forced to delete Evernote so that I can move some files around. Web version simply does not work for my workflow or I am not used to it, so how do i work with Evernote Account with 24GB and only 5 to 8GB space on my HDD? I cant not be only one? Thanks
  6. This is going to be funny; lets see how many people are going to claim "end of the world" since they can only upload 10,000,000,000 notes now.
  7. I am having the same issue "Ticket# 1172929"
  8. My Premium service expired last month and I have few questions about new services Basic: Save emails into Evernote - So with the Basic service now I can't forward my emails any longer to myname@m.evernote? Correct? Premium: Is it still 100MB limit per note? Thanks
  9. I really like scannable and so far I have scanned over 400 documents between beta version and current "live" version - Last Beta version was way more stable than 1.0 live version thats available - App is constantly crashing, mostly when I have more than one page - So many receipts w/out bar code are being saved as Business Cards - Scannable cant correlcty scan Insurance Cards (ones with film/foil over card) - Have PDF as default for all of scans (including one page) - Have option to have black/white instead of color - Have one click option to save to Evernote (i know currently you have Always Save to Evernote) - Have default name instead of Scannable Documents
  10. Well I would like for all of my scans to be in PDF, al the same time I would like to choose if I want my scans to show up in color. Everything i have scanned is in PDF so JPG is just messing things up.
  11. Can you explain little more on Gmail labeling! I dont get it , so they go to specific Notebook or?
  12. So how come I did not receive email from Evernote stating that my password has been reseted ot that I need to change my password? I was not able to log on today and then I saw this?!?
  13. So how come on Mac App Store I can only see 5.0.0 version?
  14. Now when I think I would say that my problems is when i am goign between iPhone and Mac, or iPhone and Windows.....I never had problems when going between Mac and Windows.
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