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  1. If i attach excel file in the note (from my hdd), is there a way for that file in the note to be updated as i make updates to excel file that is stored on my hdd?
  2. I wanted to say can different Notebook be set as default instead of all notes.
  3. So many + reviews, i guess i am the only one who does not like new version at all...
  4. I have been using Evernote since 2010 and I have around 24GB in storage. Since my Mac laptop is only having 128GB i am constantly running out of space and I was forced to delete Evernote so that I can move some files around. Web version simply does not work for my workflow or I am not used to it, so how do i work with Evernote Account with 24GB and only 5 to 8GB space on my HDD? I cant not be only one? Thanks
  5. Now when I think I would say that my problems is when i am goign between iPhone and Mac, or iPhone and Windows.....I never had problems when going between Mac and Windows.
  6. I have been using Evernote on my Mac, iPhone and Windows for over a year now, and I never had any problems, but for some reason in the last week or so I have been getting so many "Conflicting modification" some of the Notes are not getting saved, some of them are duplicated because of "Conflicting modification"....I am not using Evernote differently....so what is ussualy main reason for "Conflicting modification"? Thanks
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