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  1. I have read this problem a few times. But I can't seem to recreate it. If I click on a saved search the tags tree does not open.
  2. Yeah I mainly put this here for others that come looking for Google Reader integration info. Not perfect for everyone but may help some. Seems you have a solution worked out now that fits your workflow.
  3. A much better way to do this is to go into your Google Reader settings. Across the top row of options at the end is "Send To" there are checkboxes for some common sites but you can also create your own. Below is ascreenshot showing what needs to be filled in to make it work. After you save when you view an article in GR look along the bottom edge where the Star, Like, Share etc. buttons are on the far right is Send To click that and the Evernote button will now pop out.
  4. Sorry I meant tag bar not task. Well after restarting Evernote I noticed that the two on the far right side of the tag bar had tooltips and they are for indicating whether or not all the notes resources have been indexed for searching. But the clipboard looking icon to the far left of the tag bar still has no tooltip and seems to do nothing at all. See below.
  5. I cannot reproduce this in the lastest beta. Maybe upgrade and try again.
  6. It is ok to copy/paste from within Preview. Just make sure you are selecting the page previews in the sidebar to copy. Though Drag and drop is the preferred method for bringing in whole PDFs I often use page selection/copy to grab smaller parts of large PDFs that are relevant to my current note.
  7. How is a text file in TextEdit in anyway equatable to Evernote? No tagging, no syncing = no option. You lost me. Maybe it is just me but I would use such a general tag such as "food" by itself. I would use "restaurant" at least, maybe even the name of the place. And I could always search by date to refine it down a bit. Reading though a continuous stream of notes based on a single, general tag is not what Evernote is about to me. It is about being able to refine my searches down so as to avoid time lost reading things that are not currently relevant to what I need. Really? I disagree with you. Different types of notes have different needs. Different types of users have different needs. No one program can be everything to everybody. So either accept it for what it is and learn to work with it or find something that better suits your needs. You can always come back later to see what has changed. I stand behind Evernote 100% not because it does everything I want it to but because what it does it does superbly. Does that stop me from using Things for better to-do lists? No. Does that stop me from using MacJournal for journaling? No. I use Evernote for storing information that needs tagging and will later require easy search ability. /soapbox
  8. If you are not going to properly research the program and find out what it currently can and cannot do before buying a Premium membership then that is entirely on you not Evernote. This program is amazing and free, it is also still very new. Give it time people and read up before you jump in. Spending hours a day responding to comments from people that can't be bothered to do their research takes time from development. Therefore your complaining only slows the release of the feature you so desire.
  9. So you write a long log then break it down into smaller notes and then want the notes one after another while scrolling? Why break the log down at all? Evernote can handle very large, long text notes.
  10. What is the deal with the new buttons on the task bar? One looks to be a clipboard but doesn't seem clickable, the other is a magnifying glass on a notecard? Also unclickable for me. What are these for exactly and are they clickable for anyone?
  11. What version of Evernote are you using? What version of OS X? I have never had a problem drag and dropping PDFs into Evernote. Have you tried multiple PDFs from various sources? Could be something with the PDF itself.
  12. This isn't really a bug per say. A bit annoying yes but is the nature of auto-complete. The same thing happens with iTunes tags.
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