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  1. +1 for this being a very stupid limitation. Evernote is a product I love, that has lots of potential, that fails in irritating ways just below the surface. Other examples: terrible change tracking / conflict resolution, the lack of a hierarchy in formatting. All met with "no, you don't actually need that, silly user." Keep it up. I'm gonna go see when my next premium renewal is and maybe explore your export features.
  2. I've been an evernote premium user for years, and while I use it for a lot of things.. I use MS's Onenote for what I consider my 'lab notebook' at work, mostly because of this. You can't quickly format large points that organize your information and separate it into logical sections. I frequently get tired of one note's foibles as well though.. and come back to this thread. If you don't want to do it.. how about you give us a plugin framework that allows your users to scratch their own itches a little. It would only serve to make Evernote MORE valuable to all of us..
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