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  1. @gazumped @CalS I would absolutely say its a bug in Evernote - I think its caused by a sync process leaving the file system in an invalid state that the export process cannot handle. I only ever used Evernote to read/write those files that are stored on my computer, and this has caused the export to stop working. I don't think things should stop working when used as they were designed to be. @DTLow How do you export your notebook names? What about links between notes? Wouldn't these all be wiped out when importing them to a different system?
  2. I managed to fix it - 3 notes I created in 2016 seemed to not have synced properly, after deleting them I can export all notes in one batch. These were the steps I used find and delete the notes with missing content.enml files: You have to repeat the process each time the error message shows when exporting if you have multiple notes that cause issues. I think its really poor from Evernote to have bugs in the export process for so long, and also to not offer exporting notebook names - I have 100s of notebooks, it would take me all day to manually
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