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  1. Thanks. I've opened a ticket. No time for chat right now.
  2. That # is nowhere in my contacts/address book. Its a seemingly random 8 digit number and I don't see any phone # for that contact even remotely close to the this pseudo-random identifier. Does Evernote internally have a unique ID/number associated with each user? Could it be that?
  3. I'm 100% sure I'm chatting with the right address. Its the same address I shared with earlier and the other account logs in under that specific email address. Why are the chat messages coming from a number and not an email address?
  4. I'm trying to share a notebook via workchat with another Evernote user (one who I had successfully shared notebooks before prior to workchat). When I start the chat to share the notebook, they never get notification of the chat nor any email notification that a chat has started. If they start the chat, I get a notification from a number (not an email address or a name). The other person only uses Windows and the web interface. I'm unsure where my request is going, but they definitely aren't receiving it. I have a premium account, they have a free account. As an aside, I really don't know what its become so involved to simply share a notebook via workchat. Used to be so easy.
  5. I'm currently sharing via Mail and that sends rich text via email inside of Evernote. That's better than nothing but Evernote won't recognize the space between first and last names (I have another bug open on this for quite a while now) so its somewhat painful to add addressees.
  6. Gmail now supports iOS 8 style sharing. What I want to do is share the text in a note in Evenote to Gmail and email the text. Problem is, Evernote will only send a link to the note to gmail, not the actual note text. 1. Is it possible to share note text to 3rd party apps and not just links? 2. If so, how is it done?
  7. What happens to the Evernote Premium subscription if the WSJ trial doesn't work out and isn't extended past the 12 weeks?
  8. How do you activate them? When I select More, I only see the apps I listed above and no other option.
  9. Neither. I'm in Evernote, tap on the Share icon and Evernote only lists five apps (Pocket, Message, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote (itself!)). Other apps such as Pinterest, and Hootsuite are not shown.
  10. I have the inverse problem. I'd like to share from Evernote to other apps but Evernote is not listing them (even after scrolling). Has Evernote sharing been updated for iOS 8 sharing in the outgoing direction? The apps in question (like Hootsuite) show in other apps.
  11. The Evernote Share menu does not list all the apps in the iOS 8 that can handle share requests (for instance, HootSuite isn't listed even though it is in other apps). Has Evernote been updated to support the new iOS 8 style sharing or is it only showing a fixed number of share options?
  12. Johnathan, Thanks for the update. Your explanation of the bug explains why my convoluted workaround worked. However, yours is quicker.
  13. Oddly enough, the failure to annotate happens in both the preview pane and a separate window for me.
  14. I tried pasting in images from IrfanView. Similar behavior so its not tied to Skitch.
  15. Note: I'm on Win7 64-bit and I've seen this behavior with two different PCs (both Win7 64-bit).
  16. I've not been able to see any pattern with the images. Everything I paste in from Skitch behaves this way (haven't tried to paste in from other apps). I did notice that if I leave the image in the note for an extended period of time without attempting to annotate, sometimes, it lets me annotate without doing a copy.
  17. After pasting in a screen cap from Skitch into a note, most of the time (90+%), I can't annotate the image inside of Evernote for Windows. If I click on the annotate button or select Annotate from the menu it does nothing. I've figured out a temporary (but convoluted) workaround. The "Annotate a Copy of Image" option brings up the annotation window. If I close it, delete the new annotate image note, I can the reliably annotate the original image I pasted into Evernote.
  18. Thanks Jeff. Realized the same thing and I opened a ticket right after posted this.
  19. If anyone from Evernote is reading this, my original windows failure to sync shortcuts is documented here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41939-evernote-for-windows-501-ga-bugfixes/#entry225538
  20. Solved the problem. Added a shortcut on my Nexus 5. That wiped out all my shortcuts on iOS and Windows. However, from then on, the shortcuts synced between all three platforms. If I remember right, I'm pretty sure I ran into a similar bug when the Windows version added shortcuts. I believe that was fixed for the Windows app, but doesn't look like this fix has made it to the android code based, so my old shortcuts are no more. :-(
  21. I have shortcuts that sync nicely between Evenote on iOS and Windows. However, on my Nexus 4 and 5, the shortcuts are empty and don't sync. Is the syncing of shortcuts to Android from the other two OSes supported?
  22. Bummer. That's the thing I really need to automate. I have IFTTT dynamically create notes in a notebook so I can't jump to a specific note in the notebook because its not static.
  23. Evernote replied to my support ticket and pointed me to this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40001-ios-54-note-links-feature-completion-request/#entry216522 You can use the URL scheme there to open LCP to a specific note (its a little cumbersome, but it works). As far as I can tell, there's no way to jump to a notebook via a URL scheme but this is a big step in the right direction.
  24. Thanks for the info on how to construct an internal link from a public link. Is there an equivalent URL scheme to open a notebook from an external app like Launch Center Pro?
  25. nickso, I opened a support ticket on this. I'd suggest you open one also. As GrumpyMonkey pointed out, this is the only way to get it tracked officially as Evernote doesn't seem to have a uservoice type of setup where users can add feature requests.
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