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  1. I'd really like to see a decent pdf viewer built into the desktop versions of evernote (mac in my case). with for example an easy way to scroll pages (with thumbnails) and zoom capabilities. Nowadays i have to download the pdf's if i really want to read them properly, but i'd like to read them within evernote and not download them.
  2. I'd like to ad my voice to this request. i'd also like to see password protection for the desktop client and the iphone/ipad app. dropbox has it for it's iphone app, so evernote can too i presume. I'd really like this feature.
  3. I would really like to see a solution for this too. feature request.
  4. still have that issue that certain pencasts won't upload to evernote. well i think i know why now (it is so obvious that i didn't see it before). evernote limits it's notes to max 50mb, the .wav files the livescribe desktop software creates are soooo much bigger. this means that an livescribe note larger then half an hour won't upload to evernote ever never. but i'm shure evernote is working on a way around this? (dividing audio notes in smaller parts, or complete pencast integration (with AAC support?)).
  5. Although i like the stacks feature, i have only a few notebooks, but a trezillion tags. to help beating the cluttering in the desktop app, i'd really like the stacks feature to be applyed to tags as well.
  6. uploading from livescribe desktop on mac os x didn't work for me today. but the LS desktop program didn't give me error messages or something like that. the audio part of the note just wouldn't show up in evernote. i still have over 200mb of space this month and the note i was trying to send was approximately 1 hour or 18mb in LS desktop (aac format i presume). i hope the integration between LS desktop and evernote will get better soon.
  7. I'd like to see a tagging feature like the 'notes' on photos in flickr. see this example http://www.flickr.com/photos/22615230@N03/3134528075/
  8. In support of this feature request I'd like to say I also would like to see linking various notes to one another.
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