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  1. Is that suffix ".iff" or is it ".tif" or ".tiff" ? I've never heard of .iff as an image file suffix, and the results from searching on this in Google don't make sense (http://www.dansdata.com/graphics.htm) Oh, IFF does not make sense, young padavan? It is an ancient file format used on the Commodore Amiga platform. I certainly do not know if this file really is an IFF - you could find out with any decent image viewer program. My best guess would be to rename it to TIFF and see what happens.
  2. Besides all that, I really miss the strike-through text. I use (the old Windows) Evernote 3.1 portable from a USB-Stick at office - and I use strike through text a lot. Also, I would like to have ink notes as well on the Mac :-) Thanks for listening, SuAlfons
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