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  1. Thanks for asking. Alas, I have no experience, but I was just looking at Bear vs Evernote. I've been a loyalist ever since EN began (when you couldn't even pay them anything), but my tiny little 128gb hard drive is suffering from my eHoarding compulsions, so I've been considering other options. Having read your question, I'm thinking I'm sticking with the big elephant. Good luck and if I run across an answer, I'll come back and share the link. xoxo
  2. Same here, but I took the whole spreadsheet into OpenOffice and then to Evernote - and it worked great! OpenOffice is free, so you can just nab it from www.openoffice.com.
  3. I have the old sponsored group, and Moleskine redemption doesn't work there. But I might be compelled to jump to business if I get 3 months free with each notebook. Will it work, or is the 3 months only for the regular premium?
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