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  1. Any action on this from Evernote?? I agree this is a BUG and Major PITA. As a paid service I'd assume support would be better. Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks for all the votes in support. I checked out (excuse the pun) the app suggested but as it is only iPxxxx specific it does not address my needs on mac and pc. Any possibility of adding this? P
  3. Hi all, I am using Evernote on my Mac as well as my TabletPC and iPhone. I often use Ink notes on the Tablet and when I open these on the Mac all I see is a yellow strip. Anyone come accross this? Is there a fix? Regards Paul
  4. Hi, Just a quick suggestion for the developers, how about making an aditional list format where items are automatically setup with a checkbox. This seems more useful than manually putting the check box infront of each line item. Cheers Paul
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