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  1. I have the same problem as well. I cannot remember when it happened but Evernote now uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon seemingly everywhere. This includes the Desktop, the Start menu and the application list. Nothing I've tried has stopped this (Including updating to the latest version of Evernote). None of my other programs have this problem.
  2. It used to be that Evernote had a little icon next to shared notebooks. Indeed, that is still shown in the Knowledge Base. So, why have I not got this. Is it a setting I have missed or is it lost in the complex nightmare that Evernote has become?
  3. Ah, I missed the Monday to Friday. Thank you for that. I'll try again tomorrow - also noting Pacific Time
  4. I have a problem with Evernote on my Android mobile so I selected Live Chat. All I got was an email form that then generated an automatic "We will reply as soon as we can" response. Is that what Evernote calls Live Chat?
  5. Ah, I've just answered my own question. I synced the notebooks and the icon changed for the shared notebook.
  6. Hi Levi, Many thanks for that. I've done it and it worked. I presume the on-line instructions have not kept up with the program updates Next question, without going into the individual notebook properties, is there an easy way to know which notebooks are shared? Again, the on-line instructions show this being done through the non-existent Shared Tab. Cheers, Jejoma
  7. I want to share a notebook. Reading the instructions I should first click on the Shared Tab in the sidebar - but I haven't got a shared tab visible! How to I get it? I'm using Evernote 4.6.1 on Windows 7. Cheers, Jejoma
  8. I see the N97 forum for Evernote has been closed down. Does this mean Evernote has abandoned all Symbian development? Just when my shiny new computer came with Evernote preinstalled! Grrrrr!!
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