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  1. @C6REW: Thanks for the sympathy Yeah, we both had a little meltdown about it! So much data to sort through! We could definitely do some diagnosis, and may at some point - frustrating to need to though! @gazumped: Nope! This is two separate accounts (both with a Premium subscription - well, up until this episode!), with a note shared over Work Chat.
  2. Hey @DTLow - we're both on the Mac. While we have both edited the note, it's been only while the other isn't touching it - not simultaneously - and we always make sure to sync after closing.
  3. Hello, I have a bone to pick with you, Evernote team: three times now, a big document that my partner has created in Evernote which she's shared with me has been obliterated by Evernote's terrible "Conflicting modification" idiocy, totally nonsensically. The previous time it happened, there were a whopping twenty one spurious conflicts - it took over an hour to sort through each one and manually merge the changes. This involves first being on the ball enough to spot the well-hidden "Conflicting modification" text at the end of the document, then manually scrolling through the thing looking for the "Conflicting modification" titles, and copying out the content between that and the next one into a new note, then scrolling through each and comparing side by side: twenty one times. It's happened again today with a different document, with six different conflicts, dated from weeks ago, for no apparent reason. Of course, we take great care to have one of us sync first and close a shared note before the other opens it, and still this happens. We've since taken to using offline notebooks for now, which means we can't collaborate on check-lists and such, because this bug renders Evernote utterly unusable, and unable to be trusted unless it's offline. This, of course, defeats the purpose of Evernote - we might as well use Pages documents. I can't believe this abysmal piece of work made it through QA; those responsible really should not be working in technology, surely. Anyone else having their data wiped out by this *****? We shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense from you, Evernote! Do you guys even use your own product?! Appalled.
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