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  1. @BurgerandFries - it's not a zero-sum game, you CAN have both. IMHO the older 1.5 version had both. IMHO the new 1.6 does not. I realize now tho that this POV is not going to get a lot of traction here - too biased. that's ok, I guess it's not going back. perhaps next version we'll get **8bit** graphics! 256 colors! just think of the possibilities! meanwhile the Android versions of apps continue to be red-headed stepchildren. if you doubt it spend 10 minutes playing with an iPad.
  2. I appreciate the reasoned response. it should already be obvious that I agree with you that I do agree that the functional organization of the new app is superior - I prefer to have all the elements laid out on the 'home' view - it's just the aesthetics totally turn me off. 4-bit color apps? seriously? additionally what I'm also saying is that EN spent time and money turning a good looking interface into an ugly one: http://cl.ly/3l3n0q1J1M2Y10063O1c
  3. seriously? you're really telling me that this: http://cl.ly/3x1G2n342m3Q2N1N1k46 is better than this: http://cl.ly/3w2w392M2H441W0u2v2h if you want to compare the whole thing: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/iphone/ vs. http://blog.evernote.com/2010/11/08/eve ... rsion-2-0/
  4. Yes. I knew that already. Or, could be that the EN forum isn't exactly the most neutral place I could be posting criticism. Its not just my opinion BTW. But what's the point ? Clearly no one here agrees with me. So be it.
  5. well - it's hard for me to believe - but I guess I'm all alone on this issue. perhaps it's representative of the Android demographic - more interested in utility than aesthetics... I'll just keep using 1.5 in order to keep from throwing up in my mouth.
  6. well! no offense, but maybe have a look... there's a strong argument to be made for consistency of interface across platforms for a 'information repository' like EN (good phrase!). if you look at the various UI's: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, the new Android stands out like a red-headed stepchild. and not in a good way. why intentionally ghetto-ize one platform? and I am actually talking about aesthetics as opposed to actual UI - that is my issue is more UX than UI but it's still important. I think your point about it being a multiple platform repository rather than a client is right on - but that just makes it even more important to maintain UI consistency. I have some issues with EN also - and I don't really like Springpad's interface either - but as a *mobile* app, SpingPad's winning at the moment.
  7. well - my intent was not to cause a "minor shitstorm" actually. my intent is to express my strong dislike of the new Android UI and ask EN how they could've thought that it was worth the time and the effort involved to make the UI so ugly. then I invited anyone with an opinion to weigh in. so rather than argue whether or not UI/UX is important (it is - that's why people pay me to do it) - I'd rather just hear whether anyone else feels this way, or not, and why. @crispinb - I'll be happy to give you some links if you're curious about the importance of UI/UX... as far as competing products - if SpringPad ever builds a desktop app they'd certainly be a contender. as far as the mobile app (Android at least) it's way better than EN. I *like* EN - I use it everyday. but I have some issues with this implementation... I guess I can just keep using 1.5 - but it's not very inspiring for me to go pro. and ultimately it feels like the Android app is a 2nd class product to EN - just compare the iOS version side by side. it's *dramatic*.
  8. and I for one vote for them to just go back to the old UI. it wouldn't be that difficult, I'm sure these guys are doing good OOP, it's just a matter of replacing the V in MVC. hear me Evernote?
  9. well - my point is that someone decided that this redesign was important enough to spend time and money on. and then THIS is what they came up with?? so, I'm not saying they *should* prioritize the app redesign - they *already* prioritized the redesign - I just can't believe they did it so badly.
  10. how software looks IS part of how well it works - ask any UI/UX guy. and this is a case of *backwards* regression. we had a decent interface - now we don't. reasons? I personally - and perhaps I'm unusual - feel that the way software looks is pretty crucial to whether I use it or not - especially if there are other competing products that provide much the same functionality...
  11. please also note that I was planning on purchasing a 'PRO' license - but am certainly NOT doing so now. please fix this. PLEASE!
  12. excuse me, whomever is moderating this board from Evernote please listen up: the new interface is the ugliest least aesthetically pleasing UI I have seen in a long long time. I hate it so much I have uninstalled it and reinstalled 1.5 until this is corrected. please compare the UI with the iOS one - in the Android 1.5 version the UI was nearly identical - nice brushed metal, shading, large well crafted icons, an attractive widget... now - what do we have? a 4bit color interface (!!) with crappy one color icons that and the ugliest widget I've ever seen. the UI looks like something from 1993 for chrissake - I'm not kidding. I really can't understand what you all were thinking? who could've possibly imagined that this would appeal to Android users?? you have GHETTO-IZED us - and I'm NOT DIGGING IT. do any of you feel the same?? or is it just me? post here and let EN know how you feel. this is enough to make me switch over to SpringPad. I'm serious.
  13. hello, I've been using Evernote for about a year now and I'm totally addicted. BUT there is one thing I've not been able to figure out how to do - and perhaps it isn't possible. I did a search here but didn't come up with an answer so I'm going to put it to the group and hope someone can help. back when I was still using OS 9 I used a very handy little background utility called EZ Note. it was somewhat similar to Evernote except much more limited (text only, not searchable etc). but one thing it did do was that it had key command shortcuts for pasting text into a new note AND for appending text to the last note you were working with! this is the feature I would very much like to have in Evernote, is there some way to do this? thanks, bennett
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