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  1. I personally am not a big fan of tags, because it's yet another step I have to take when I clip something, and I have to further stop and think about every possible tag I might need for an item. I don't like searching for tags knowing that if there is some item I forgot to tag or mis-tagged, it's not going to show up. It means I'm never quite sure if I've collected all my data. Thus folders are a better metaphor for me - I know exactly where an item is because it is stored with groups of related items. It seems like adding folders for notebooks would be such an easy thing to do -- much like iTunes and iPhoto added folders for playlists and albums. My current Notebook list is just getting too long, so while Evernote is such a fantastic solution for me, if this list becomes too long and unmanageable, it's just going to add more chaos rather than clarity. So I think folders are an overdue and crucial feature. Honestly, a notebook IS just a folder -- I'm not even sure why they're called notebooks. It's a collected group of items.
  2. It makes sense to have a Default Notebook like Inbox or something, but I'd also like the option to select LAST USED as my default Notebook selection. When I'm working on one idea or project I tend to collect lots of stuff at one time, and it's a major pain having to keep selecting the same notebook. Tomorrow I may be working on a different project and notebook, so there's just not one default for me.
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