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  1. Mine started syncing today as well. Must have been a temporary problem on the server side. Kind of freaks me out because I have 10k+ notes many of which are mission critical for me. I did a full backup of my database as soon as it started working again. Between this and the IOS syncing problems, I am now really rethinking things. I get that Evernote is having understandable growing pains but what I don't get is the fact that all their employees act like the problem is always on the users end or like there is nothing wrong at all. Their status page never once mentioned the thousands of users having issues yesterday. All the users at my office were unable to sync yesterday so I know the problem was wide spread. They need to be more transparent with their problems or I will be jumping ship after 10 years of premium membership.
  2. I am having the same issue. Windows 7 desktop, latest version of Evernote client
  3. Here is the response I got As I said previously, there is a work around. First delete any notes that wont sync, then empty trash, then complete a successful sync. Now just use the iphone / ipad camera instead using the camera in the evernote app. You can then add the image to any note from the camera roll and it will sync fine.
  4. I am having the same problem here. I have found a work around that works most of the time. First delete all the offending photo notes and complete a successful sync. Now take pictures of your notes using the camera app and not evernote. Create a new note in evernote and add the picture from your camera roll. For some reason this seems to sync fine.
  5. Greetings, I think I have found a bug in Evernote for Android v 1.4 (84727) When I open a note with an embedded Word Document I get the message "sorry there is no application installed that supports this file type" then immediately the document opens within Evernote and displays a bunch of unreadable gobbly gouch. I in fact have two applications installed that can open, read and edit Work docs such as Documents ToGo and Quick Office. I have also figured out a work around for this bug. If I email the note to myself from the Evernote client I can then open the word document in Documents ToGo. Hopefully there is an easy fix for this that the Evernote developers can use. Thanks for the great service and the great Android client!
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