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  1. I'm having exactly the same problem; simply upgrading Evernote seems to have caused my Outlook (Win32, XP, 2003) to turn into a gelatinous mess that is now completely and utterly non-functional. I can open Outlook, and it will receive email, but the moment I try to open an email, or reply, the program starts to degrade, menu bar items disappear and reappear in the wrong place, on the desktop (at the top of the monitor, inexplicably); and Outlook doesn't recover from it. With literally tens of thousands of emails in the archives, folders, etc., when this crashes, it's a big deal to reboot it and restart it. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO UNINSTALL EVERNOTE FROM OUTLOOK, PERIOD. We're right in the middle of upgrading to a new box,OS, etc., but I need to be able to USE Outlook to migrate those same tens of thousands of emails to the new box. I can't just shrug and say, oh, well, isn't THAT inconvenient. I'm a premium user, and this is really ridiculous. The assumption that everyone a) wants EN in their email is atrocious, and that everyone and their brother just cheerfully tootled along to Vista or 7, post-Vista-debacle, is equally insulting. This problem has really put me off EN. Hitch
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