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  1. thanks for the feedback. Before my post I had only made a cursory look at the api specification and was aware that jason kaplan had written a python lib for evernote (I'm a django dev) so I knew I had some base libraries to rely on if I wanted to pursue an import methodology. I hadn't known about the ENML (http://www.evernote.com/about/developer ... c276718743) so I could always provide my own interface on my server to re-construct a structure-presentation model. Good to know. What spurred all this has been my recent use of markdown. As I've been documenting projects on github, tumblr, and textmate supporting markdown I pretty much write everything in markdown anymore. With that said I don't think there is anything stopping me technically from writing my evernote notes in markdown, just can't see the presentation rules applied. With all that said, I love how textmate allows me to totally customize the presentation layer to markdown. anyways thanks gain for the feedback I appreciate it.
  2. was just thinking this same exact thing as I'm in the process of building a massive lifestreaming application. As I have various notes in evernote I'd love to import via the api. I don't think any of the notes will look right by default and trying to structure them in a meaning full way would be difficult. However, I'd be willing to spend the time to go back and transition my notes to markdown, that way when I aggregate that content back to my site they would render properly. So with that said, Evernote care to respond? also why isn't there a 'user satisfaction' or 'user voice' plugin for the evernote site. that way the community could vote and push on which features WE want. side-note: I'm a non-paying user, these types of feature though would be the things that would make me convert
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