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  1. Aaaargh. Sigh...yes...it had done just that. Thanks again! ;-)
  2. Thanks guys - previous version was a great find. Just a point on Rob's update above: I can configure Send to Desktop, and it works ok - but I'm using an old client (5.0.3) Which makes me shake my head ruefully, because I stopped updating desktop clients as a policy..unless really required.But I kept updating the Web Clipper add-on (running FF latest). Big mistake. This will teach me just to not update Evernote ... ever maybe someone needs to tell the development team that we don't need those new cup-holders if they're gonna stop the car running...
  3. I absolutely hate the fact that clipping to the last selected notebook comes up time and time again as a "please give it back to us" - and is steadfastly ignored by the development people. It's why I haven't gone off 3.1 on the computers that I use most. And why I use Evernote as an example in my classes of a great idea originally, a design team completely at odds to what their users want - and hence a product that is waiting to be knocked off by the first intelligent competitor that comes by. Can't wait for that day. sigh....
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