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  1. Thanks Cal, you are undoubtedly right about too many tags.
  2. Thank you jefito, Your suggestion is definitely helpful for finding notes by tag. More often, I'm trying to choose what tags to assign to a new note. Typing the first few letters in the "add tag" field works great as long as I remember that I have created the tag, but sadly that is often not the case! Thanks to your reply I did discover the "Tag..." command in the Notes menu, which brings up an un-nested list of tags, and is easier than scrolling the left panel, so thanks again.
  3. Probably I have too many notebooks and too many tags, but I find that I spend a lot of time scrolling up and down in the sidebar, and expanding and collapsing trees to find the tags and notebooks I want. I wish I could put the two lists side by side, rather than one above the other. Also, the scroll bars are displayed with so little contrast that they are easy to miss with the mouse pointer, and the scroll wheel doesn't seem to work consistantly to scroll the windows. Thanks for any suggestions! Gardener
  4. Hi, Maybe this is already available and I just haven't found it. I wish there were check boxes on the list of tags, so I could select a note, then run down my list of tags and check off all the ones that I want to attach to the note. Or maybe I just have too many tags Thanks, Gardener
  5. Thanks for the response. I will stop expecting the clipper to work in Gmail!
  6. When I select text in an email (gmail, Chrome, Vista) then right click and choose "clip selection", Evernote generates a new note, but it only has a link to the email, not the text I had selected. I tried deleting and re-installing the extension, but no change. I've resorted to copying and pasting into a new note, which isn't hard, but it would be nice to have the clipper work as intended. Thanks!
  7. I just searched "task manager" on these forums and, based on what I read in this thread and others, I'm going to check out Egret List and Nozbe. However I'd like to put in a plug for integration with gQueues. It's really well integrated with Google Apps. For instance there's a gQueues gadget that puts a button at the bottom of every gmail, that you can click to create a task with a link to the email. If you assign a date and time to the task it appears in your Google calender. I'd love to have the same kind of functionality with Evernote too.
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