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  1. Thanks, web clipper just came back this morning, so who knows, maybe a firefox glitch or maybe one of the pages caused a problem. I will get a clipper installed into another browser as that seems to be the best workaround - will probably use Internet Explorer so as not to have to install another program. None of the other options suggested approximates the same function, of getting a complete and "live" web page with intact links into Evernote, which as far as I have used it, is the main advantage of the clipper. Doing a "save page as" into a folder is the next best thing but obviously moving stuff out of Evernote defeats the usefulness of Evernote. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Web clipper has been broken for at least a day (Windows 7, Firefox 77 - I deactivated and reactivated the extension, closed and re-opened Firefox. Can access my EN account on Web and desktop app works fine. I am a very long time EN user and, it is broken) What I want until it gets fixed is a workaround which is probably simple but I guess I have never had to do: How can I insert a Web page into a note, i.e. reproduce the Clipper functionality? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.
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