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  1. Seems to me that if in two different browsers Evernote does not allow copy and paste and resizing then it is not the browsers but the web based Evernote that is the problem. How do I return to a previous version of the web based version of Evernote? Windows 10
  2. I have reinstalled the evernote app and now I can copy and paste and resized etc. However, I still don't know how to switch to a previous version for my web evernote. I tried using Firefox instead of Chrome and it still will not copy and paste from a browser.
  3. sorry to sound stupid but please explain how I "Revert to the 'classic' browser UI (in Settings)" Where do I find settings? Or how do I "install the full Evernote client on your device"?
  4. If copy and paste are still possible then how is it done? Ctrl-V does not work, right click paste does not work. I am able to drag an image to the note but it goes to the bottom and if I do what you said and click on the paperclip icon and search for the file it still goes to the bottom. when I go to click on the image to resize my cursor is a text cursor instead of the object cursor arrow if this means any thing. I am using windows 10 and Chrome browser Evernote
  5. Windows 10 Also is it not possible to copy paste into Evernote anymore?
  6. I try to insert an image into a note and when I drag it into the note it does not go where my cursor was and then I can't resize it. When I tap on the image it does not allow me to resize, move, etc.
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