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  1. Hi, I am Jorge, from the Zendone team. I wanted to add that Zendone lets you attach existing Evernote notes to actions. We have supported that for a while by pasting Evernote links, but since a few months ago we also offer a nice explorer that lets you browse and search your notes when attaching them without leaving the app. In general, Zendone's vision is that Evernote is the best tool for collecting, archiving and finding notes. So we work seamlessly with notes that are created with Evernote or any other app that integrates with Evernote. In fact, you can create actions in Zendone without opening zendone at all.
  2. Hi, I think this thread is interesting for Evernote users interested in GTD. Also, I would like to announce here that we recently launched our new community site. We want it to be a place of discussion not only about zendone, but also about GTD and productivity. You are invited to participate! Regards
  3. Hi, I am Jorge, from the Zendone team. More than in "Inbox 0", Zendone is based on Getting Things Done (GTD). In GTD a core stage is "Processing your inbox", which is why we offer explicit support for it. We also support the rest of GTD stages (Do, Organize and Review) and GTD vocabulary (next actions, projects, areas, etc). When it comes to email and tasks, we offer great support for it through your regular Evernote's email address: - You can create tasks directly from email (no need to go through the process cycle, if you already know that email is actionable) - The rich content of email is preserved - The Evernote note can be seen and edited within Zendone or via the Evernote app, as the synchronization is bidirectional. You can get a full overview of how Zendone implementes GTD here. In any case, I totally agree with @qot in totally recommending the reference GTD book. It's totally tool-agnostic and will wire in your brain a lot of great productivity concepts you will use the rest of your life. If you have any questions about zendone feel free to contact us or visit our community site (many of our community members are experts in productivity and GTD software).
  4. Hi Dan, Sorry but support for multiple GCal accounts is not currently possible. Thanks for your feedback
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