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  1. @Koandco Oh nice, you had a reply. Well at least they acknowledge the issue, and they are working on it... I understand when you talk about "huge bug" treated as a little glitch. I didn't want to start a new thread, my problem is similar but not exactly the same. My note that wasn't found on Evernote web v10+ was 2 weeks old. I wonder if it's related. It would be nice if they would publish their roadmap for fixing search, so we know when we can switch back from legacy to v10+. A thorough search tool is indeed of paramount importance for a note taking app. If I want to forget a few things, old and new, I already have my brain. Good job opening a ticket about your problem and publishing the result. Interesting.
  2. @Mike P Thanks for the tip. I'm on EN web (legacy) now, my user name is at the bottom and "help" only takes me to https://help.evernote.com/hc/fr No release notes in that menu, maybe they removed it. I still wonder if search works well in the web version between v10+ and legacy (when you untick the v10+ checkbox but don't choose "take me back to the old version"). Sorry I'm pretty cautious so I'm not changing my version again to publish here the exact version of what I called "middle version" thanks to your tip. But I did notice differences from both v10+ and legacy.
  3. Thanks! I contacted support and they say there's no way to display version number on Evernote Web. I was somewhere in the middle of v10+ and legacy, now I'm on legacy.
  4. Thanks @Koandco I unticked "enable V10+" in "personal settings", but now I see a different menu when I click my name, saying (I translate) "revert to previous version of Evernote". I'm not sure if I'm already on "legacy", or didn't go back far enough? I don't even know where to find the version number on the webapp... Or is "legacy" only refering to the old Windows native app?
  5. I'm here because I was looking for known search bugs. I'm on Evernote webapp, latest version. Not the first time I can't find something WHILE I KNOW IT'S THERE (I love how OP capitalized this). It happened today again. Unfortunately, the bug is not reproductible. Because after I catch EN red-handed (I found my note by other means), the search is then mysteriously fixed (as if I had told the algorithm, hey look, it was right there!). Why, idk. Maybe because the target note is now cached? For me, it was a 16 days old note. (but older false positives had appeared in search results, so...) Here is how I manually found the note : search had found another note which gave me a hint as to *when* I had written down what I needed to find. So I used the "note history" tool, and after several trial and error atempts, I squared down the time interval to 2 days. Then I sorted all my notes by date, and could start manually searching everything from those 2 days (as if looking in a paper notebook of the past). And what I was sure was in my notes somewhere, was there, indeed. And no, the exact words I was looking for were not absent, they were there. When I did the search again, as mentioned above, search was fixed (a bit too late...). I was, not the first time, FURIOUS. Why spend dozens of hours building a huge personal database, if the app lies to me and tells me "no, your memory fools you, you think you have worked on this subject in the past, but you actually did not". So I wanted to use that frustration to take the leap to OneNote or Google Keep. Thanks to this thread, I'm giving EN another, other chance... I saw that even on the webapp, there's a checkbox one can untick to refuse the v+10 version. @DTLow you seem to say that search worked correctly before v10 (I hope so, been using EN since 2017 and I'm not sure search worked 100%) I think I have about 4000 notes. (which is under the 10k threshold mentioned in the "personals settings" page, but still a lot.
  6. just checking in, is this not solved yet? I wouldn't know because since then I have given up on Evernote's windows app, aka virtual app (as opposed to the old native windows program) aka Electron app. I'm now on Firefox, on linux. The speed of EN webapp is amazing. (I just liked to have my EN windows separate from the browser, but heh, now I have tabs instead of windows) To be fair, I read that in a february or march update of Microsoft's .NET, they made improvements (aka changes) to the spell checking engine. This might be linked to the resurgence of the spell-checking problem in separate EN windows? idk.
  7. Same problem. Version 10.9.10. I actually didn't notice that the squiggly red lines hadn't reappeared in the main window, which I barely use. I was about to create a new topic, I didn't find a search box for searching threads. Maybe that's why I don't find the dozens of comments I was expecting, like there was, before the problem was fixed. Now the spell checking problem re-appeared. At least now I have a huge personal dictionary, that still works.
  8. Android 8 Oreo here. I'm still stuck on an old version. 8.13.3 I'm interested because since I have EN 10 on desktop, there are inconsistencies, like : inline code on desktop, 1) becomes normal text on mobile. 2) Then back on desktop the inline code style has disappeared from that line. (I know this is not the place for bug reports, just an example)
  9. Yes, I wanted to write "partial fix" but I was not sure if it means half fix. Adding words is pretty fun, especially when adding the words that only I use! I have added a few foreign (english) words and technical words ("https"...), but I won't add all the english dictionary, obviously, mostly for performance issues. Also I'm PREMIUM again now. Promises kept!
  10. TL;DR : fix for spellchecker issues was actually delivered before EN version 10.7. Last night I received the update to 10.6.9 on Windows, 10.6.9 (win-ddl-public (66)) Editor v116.1.14913 and now you can add words to the dictionary. 😀 Thanks. 👏 (I've been on EN 10 for 3 months)
  11. I knew it was coming!! So for 2 months I've been aggressively clicking on "look for new updates" in the Win10 Microsoft Store. (for some reason, available updates can be there but not show up for up to a week) HERE IT COMES BABY !! 😀 🧡 🦄 😍 🤶 🎈 🙌 👍 👌 👏 😀 A FIX FOR THE SQUIGGLY RED LINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will tell the story of that day (or that night..., it's 4am here) to my grand-kids one day! So many months of suffering but you did it guys !! 🎈 🙌 👍 👌 😀 Sure, for people whose primary language is not english, a problem wil remain for notes written or copied from english. But apart from that, wew!! And all for free! 🧡❤ DISCLAIMER : this is a non-ironic message. I am actually happy. And to say this thread started in October! I never rolled back to legacy, I kept the faith! 🙌 Sometimes you have to believe in people! I'll probably consider going back to PREMIUM as a thank you. I also learnt a few correct spellings (I'm the kind of person who always disables spellcheck everywhere, when possible)
  12. Last thing : one workaround is when your squiggly red note is in a detached window, you can press Ctrl+R and that will reload the note and the squiggly lines are gone. (Until you start editing again) Disclaimer : may depend on AB-Testing aka "experiments". If you have the option, it's in the help menu, near debugging. Shortcut is Ctrl+R. I'm on 10.5.7 btw. (spell-check fix still not announced in the "coming next" dialog)
  13. I once almost shared that pov but S h a n e D didn't close that issue. I think he marked the thread as "accepted". Reminder that we're in "feature requests". The feature request was accepted by the admin. Now, we agree that this should not be a feature, just a priority bug. Sure, only 39 people in the world upvoted this "feature request". But you need extensive googling before finding this thread, there are TONS of other places where this topic is discussed. I'm seeing that some old users of EN have just created an account here (yes, you need a different account to post and vote here...), and God knows people hate creating new accounts. I'm pretty sure that lots of these new members of discussion.evernote have posted in this thread but they don't know that the most important thing is to go to the top of the thread, and upvote. So no, the EN team argument, once and often used, that only 39 people in the world are desperate for this "feature" is not valid. (second attempt to post this, now I copied to clipboard before losing all)
  14. Nah, your reasoning is wrong. You say, summary : << I understand that EN uses Windows built in spell-check, as it's easier. By the way, you can add languages to Windows. The only bug is : disabling Windows spell-check doesn't disable it in EN. >> Your premise is false. Evernote does *not* use Windows built-in spell-check. I extensively tested. It follows that no, adding language packs (I have always had 3 languages) does not change anything (for example I have english as a second language, and also as a language pack, and no the presence of the language pack doesn't fix the EN problem). I made very long posts on reddit explaining my few findings (with ProcessExplorer). For french they use an old open source dictionary, which is somewhere on the local hard drive, EN app folder. Old open-source dictionary. That's why the word "Facebook" is known, but not "Twitter". (not even Evernote is known, by the way). The first thing is that the new EN app is an Electron app. I even went to Electron's github to follow the spell-checker possible issues, or recently closed issues. More on reddit (including working workarounds). I just wanted to correct a few things here.
  15. On Windows, when there's an obious sync bug, I close Evernote from the Windows tray. Same as app menu "File" / "Quit". Evernote is then relaunched, and syncs.
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