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  1. Android 8 Oreo here. I'm still stuck on an old version. 8.13.3 I'm interested because since I have EN 10 on desktop, there are inconsistencies, like : inline code on desktop, 1) becomes normal text on mobile. 2) Then back on desktop the inline code style has disappeared from that line. (I know this is not the place for bug reports, just an example)
  2. Yes, I wanted to write "partial fix" but I was not sure if it means half fix. Adding words is pretty fun, especially when adding the words that only I use! I have added a few foreign (english) words and technical words ("https"...), but I won't add all the english dictionary, obviously, mostly for performance issues. Also I'm PREMIUM again now. Promises kept!
  3. TL;DR : fix for spellchecker issues was actually delivered before EN version 10.7. Last night I received the update to 10.6.9 on Windows, 10.6.9 (win-ddl-public (66)) Editor v116.1.14913 and now you can add words to the dictionary. 😀 Thanks. 👏 (I've been on EN 10 for 3 months)
  4. I knew it was coming!! So for 2 months I've been aggressively clicking on "look for new updates" in the Win10 Microsoft Store. (for some reason, available updates can be there but not show up for up to a week) HERE IT COMES BABY !! 😀 🧡 🦄 😍 🤶 🎈 🙌 👍 👌 👏 😀 A FIX FOR THE SQUIGGLY RED LINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will tell the story of that day (or that night..., it's 4am here) to my grand-kids one day! So many months of suffering but you did it guys !! 🎈 🙌 👍 👌 😀 Sure, for people whose primary language is not english, a problem wil remain for notes writte
  5. Last thing : one workaround is when your squiggly red note is in a detached window, you can press Ctrl+R and that will reload the note and the squiggly lines are gone. (Until you start editing again) Disclaimer : may depend on AB-Testing aka "experiments". If you have the option, it's in the help menu, near debugging. Shortcut is Ctrl+R. I'm on 10.5.7 btw. (spell-check fix still not announced in the "coming next" dialog)
  6. I once almost shared that pov but S h a n e D didn't close that issue. I think he marked the thread as "accepted". Reminder that we're in "feature requests". The feature request was accepted by the admin. Now, we agree that this should not be a feature, just a priority bug. Sure, only 39 people in the world upvoted this "feature request". But you need extensive googling before finding this thread, there are TONS of other places where this topic is discussed. I'm seeing that some old users of EN have just created an account here (yes, you need a different account to post and vote here...),
  7. Nah, your reasoning is wrong. You say, summary : << I understand that EN uses Windows built in spell-check, as it's easier. By the way, you can add languages to Windows. The only bug is : disabling Windows spell-check doesn't disable it in EN. >> Your premise is false. Evernote does *not* use Windows built-in spell-check. I extensively tested. It follows that no, adding language packs (I have always had 3 languages) does not change anything (for example I have english as a second language, and also as a language pack, and no the presence of the language pack doesn't fix t
  8. On Windows, when there's an obious sync bug, I close Evernote from the Windows tray. Same as app menu "File" / "Quit". Evernote is then relaunched, and syncs.
  9. Please allow to disable the spell-checker on the Windows app. Or if it's more complex than imagined, at least put it in the list of next incoming features. It's a bit insulting to see "Ctrl+Q" announced as the next most urgent development for Evernote Windows, and not remove squiggly red underline which infuriates everyone. Everything would be smoother with a bit of politeness! Even if no one is working on it, just list it in the "next features", or better yet "bug fixes" announcements. The wait will be easier. (last reply from staff in "feature requests" forum was 2 months ago) Thanks.
  10. Hi, This is not a solution. Why mark this thread as solved ?? -- Someone who used to be a Premium subscriber.
  11. Yes, this is CRUCIAL. I found the EN team post that explains that EN doesn't have an internal spellchecker, it's the OS. Ok but I've *never* used the OS spellchecker. Does it mean I'd have to teach Microsoft Word all my fancy words? Or teach it to chrome? Is the new Evernote an Electron app based on chromium? Hell, I won't do that anyway. So now all my notes are stained EVERYWHERE with RED underline, like a schoolteacher came during the night and made 1 billion corrections, ERRONEOUS corrections to my notes. WARNING WARNING PROBLEM PROBLEM oh that WORD has a PROBLEM too.
  12. Yes > If I do that I get Paste / Select All / Paste as Plain Text Hey thanks a lot, that must be it! Coller en texte brut, paste as plain text. Thanks for the suggestions too, will try. I'm on Android 8, I wonder if they (Android) have fixed the truncated menus since then. Of course everything is developed in english and it seems they don't notice that with localization the space for some menus is too small.
  13. Hi, I copied text (and more than text) on a web page and wanted to paste it to a note. I called the paste menu and saw an option I'm unfamiliar with. Can you help me guess what is that option? (I tried it but couldn't tell by using it). It's the third option. 1st : "PASTE" (in french). 2d : "SELECT ALL". (in french) 3d : "COLLER E...". - I ask this to "technical issues" because I didn't find a forum for android non technical issues - I ask to the english community because apparently there is no such community in french - I have googled extensively, to no avail. In french, "coller
  14. Thanks! (also to all) and for a clear and interesting answer. (sorry I had to leave for a few days) Maybe Android's design is to blame, as this function is said to be non-trivial in the built-in text editor. I guess that it's not at all in Google's interest to allow users to easily tell the difference between anchor text (especially when it's a fake short URL) and the real URL (often very long), as tracking is their business model. Most importantly, you guessed right, all I want is to clean URLs of the tracking parameters, on desktop I'm used to opening a notepad, and on Android, Ev
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