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  1. Thanks! (also to all) and for a clear and interesting answer. (sorry I had to leave for a few days) Maybe Android's design is to blame, as this function is said to be non-trivial in the built-in text editor. I guess that it's not at all in Google's interest to allow users to easily tell the difference between anchor text (especially when it's a fake short URL) and the real URL (often very long), as tracking is their business model. Most importantly, you guessed right, all I want is to clean URLs of the tracking parameters, on desktop I'm used to opening a notepad, and on Android, Evernote is my favorite notepad. But I never thought of your simple idea, to cut the URL and paste it in my browser's address bar, and clean it there. I just double checked, it works!
  2. I can't edit (or remove) external links, that I copy-paste to Evernote for Android. For example : anchor text . On Android, apps don't give you a lot of control. So sometimes I need Evernote to have the power of a simple text editor, that will show me the difference between the claimed link e.g. http://foo.bar/foo and the real link, e.g. http://foo.bar/foo?your&name&address. When I paste a link inside an Evernote note, all I see is the anchor text. I can edit only the anchor text (title of the link), not the URL. When I long press on a link, I get the android menu : cut, copy, paste, select all, dictionary, translate. I looked in all menus, there's no option to edit or remove the link, like on the Windows app (Ctrl+K). So when I don't have a computer, I'm stuck. This is my 1st post, I don't know if it's a bug, a feature request or a simple "how to" for something that exists and works well but that I didn't find. I searched extensively, I didn't find an answer. Thanks.
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