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  1. Thanks, PinkElephant. Firefox has many security features, which could be the issue (although nothing stands out right now). Safari and Chrome are puzzling because, again, the clipper will work for a while, but then simply disappear. I will have a look at security & privacy settings. Perhaps something changes when I install updates (I haven't noticed a pattern, but then again I haven't so far been looking for a pattern).
  2. I use iOS on a Mac. I cannot get the EN web clipper to work consistently or at all whether I'm using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. In Firefox, the clipper shows up as installed but is in fact nowhere to be found. In Safari and Chrome, I install the clipper only to find that, after working for a while, it disappears for no apparent reason. This is especially frustrating because I have thought about upgrading to premium but won't until this problem is fixed -- without the clipper, EN Premium simply won't be worth it. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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