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  1. Thanks for the friendly advice. This is an issue of user-interface design more than a problem with the delay. The Gurkha: The required mechanics (multiple synchronization) aren't lost on me. I have, and will continue, to manually sync in an effort to speed up the process of fetching the results. That said, indexing larger documents or blurry images may take some time, so I am prepared to wait. Jeff: My use of the word "significant" is meant to describe a delay of more than a few seconds. In terms of user interface design, Evernote currently fails to provide feedback to the user. This may result in the user thinking the search functionality isn't working, when in fact, the indexing has not yet been performed. For non-technical users, this would not be obvious. In my case, I have had to wait hours for the indexing to complete. I am more than happy to wait for the servers to grind away (as local processing would probably kill my client) however, I would expect some form of status indicator so I knew which documents were searchable and which were pending. I could imagine this fairly easy to implement as the notes are marked first upon entry/submission to the "cloud" and then unmarked upon return of the data. Thanks, Zach
  2. Despite my premium account, there is often a significant delay between the time I add new image/PDF files into Evernote and when they are successfully indexed for search. It seems intuitive that there should be an easy way to tell if a particular note is still pending processing/indexing. Perhaps a colored outline on the note? Or an icon? If this feature currently exists, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see this feature added ASAP. Thanks, Zach
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