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  1. I've found a similar issue, though it more surrounds duplication than space issues. Perhaps Evernote could check to see if a duplicate PDF name already exists in a folder when opening an attachment, and if so, just open the duplicate name rather than creating another duplicate. If Evernote for Android wanted to be truly awesome it could automatically check for modified attachments in the Evernote attachments folder since last sync and automatically replace the PDF in the evernote note with the PDF in the evernote attachment folder. This would be invaluable if you are marking up a PDF with comments and highlighting, etc. As a PH.D researcher, I do this frequently, and it would truly help make the process of reviewing papers and notes across my devices seamless. At the moment it requires quite a bit of work to manage it all.
  2. The new Evernote for Android has a few display issues on my nexus 7 in landscape mode. The attached screenshot shows how there is almost no room for content at all in landscape mode (just 3 lines of text). This is quite unfortunate since I need to take notes in landscape often on my Nexus 7 and I have trouble knowing what I've just written. I can think of a couple of suggestions to fix this: Put the formatting bar up top where there is a large white space next to the check bar. In landscape mode there's plenty of room for this horizontally, and no vertical room for the extra bars. Put the top bar along the side when in landscape view. There's nothing there that couldn't be contained in a vertical bar along the side. Ubuntu does this with the side bar in Unity, recognizing that with a 16:9 aspect ratio it makes sense to use some of the 16 rather than the 9 for non-content-related things. Allow the hiding or collapsing of the attachments bar. One single attachment, which I don't need constant access to, is taking up a large chunk of usable space. Being able to collapse that would give me an extra couple of lines to play with. A "Hide All" button. This would hide everything including the title, except the actual text and a small button to toggle "Hide All" mode back off. This way you get to absolutely maximize the available space for typing, which you really need in landscape mode on Android. The Ultimate (combining all of the above): Formatting bar as a vertical bar on the left, top bar as a vertical bar on the right, with the ability to toggle attachment view on and off, with a "Hide all" mode to go completely full screen on text body when desired. It would be great to see these features introduced into Evernote for Android - my Nexus 7 and I eagerly await more text body!
  3. At the moment Evernote defaults to showing notes and editing of notes in a slightly less than full screen view. While the effect is kind of neat on a 10 inch tablet, on the nexus 7 I'd much rather have the notes automatically maximize to fill the whole screen. Could Evernote add an option to automatically show notes in full screen mode for those that want it? Thanks!
  4. Mission accomplished - a very happy customer! You guys make doing a Ph.D and getting married at the same time fun.
  5. My gosh, this is fantastic news, amazing!!!! I've been waiting for this for a while, this is going to open up a whole new world of planning on my phone and tablet. Thank you!! Mind you, the ability to edit bullets with indenting natively for existing notes is a pretty important feature, but hopefully that'll get added soon. If anyone from Evernote wanted to chime and and say if it was in the works at some point that would make a very happy customer! Beta version, here I come!
  6. Hi, I know you don't comment on time estimates for releasing new features. However, I would be interested in knowing the relative priority of bullet and number indenting in Evernote Android. If it's a feature that's planned to land sometime in the next little while I'll create notes in Evernote Desktop that have bullets with indents. However, if it's not on the horizon, I'll just stick with plain text, indented bullets are a bit tricky to deal with at the moment. Thanks!
  7. Ahhh!! I changed the setting, set it to go to the create note section first, and now it works! Thank you!
  8. For some reason my evernote extension for firefox has started opening up my existing notes, and I'm unable to add a new one. Sometimes the screen to add a new note will appear for a split second, and then it disappears again. I'm running firefox 3.6.6 on ubuntu 10.04 x64, fairly stock configuration.
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