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  1. I (and my colleagues) have thousands of notes stored in Apple Notes. Evernote is not able to bulk import these. Apple allows for exporting single notes as PDFs only. But no bulk export eg into a zip-file. As long as there is no easy and convenient way to bulk-import Apple Notes into Evernote, migrating to E. won't be possible. My/my colleagues' Apple Notes are available on iOS, iCloud/Web and on the Mac. Such a feature should be available on one of these platforms, preferably on the Mac, of course. I understand this might be too much effort, and maybe even limited due to Apple restr
  2. 2 years later, and I found this thread because of being dissatisfied with Evernote's handwriting support, and looking for other opinions. I do believe that E. is still WAY inferior than OneNote in this regard. Just recently, I attended a presentation. With OneNote on my iPad and the Pencil, I could: take written notes (of course) take pictures of slides, instantly resize and mark them, write notes next or under or over them, or wherever else I wanted move ANY item (text, handwritten or typed, images, drawings) and put them anywhere else and all in one long consecut
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