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  1. I have the same problem. I love the screenshot function. Help.
  2. I agree -- please allow us to customize the toolbar. Thank you.
  3. This morning I notice that EN will not sync a text only note (no photos) I dictated in the car yesterday AFTER the update. HELP!! I am a premium member and it appears that EN is rendered useless for me use at this point.
  4. What am I doing wrong? The EN update today STILL WILL NOT SYNC photos from iphone. I changed settings to small, medium, large -- nothing works. Any suggestions??
  5. Good. That is what I was hoping they would do. I do not want 2MB photos loading up my Evernote account and requiring a Premium membership just to upload and store notes with photos. Fair enough. Horses for courses. I have a premium account and store photos of handwritten meeting notes. Cheers Mine still isn't working. Help!!
  6. Airport on and off then resync does not work for me. 12/15/12 (06:22 PM)
  7. I have the same problem. iPhone 5 with EN premium. No photo syncing. Stuck in camera roll on iPhone. :( Are you working on this? It appears that it's been not syncing for a long while. Please post.
  8. I don't understand setting for contacts? Please be more specific.
  9. Hi. I would recommend syncing, backing up your account, and then uninstalling Evernote from your computer. When you reinstall, instead of using the Mac appstore version, give a try to the regular version at http://evernote.com/...ile=EvernoteMac 10/03/12 (06:00 AM) Tried this AGAIN and it didn't work AGAIN. It's the same thing that EN help suggested. What now? Still not working!!
  10. I continue to have the same problem. On desktop app -- share by email option does nothing. It works on laptop and ipad BUT no link to the contacts anymore!! I use the feature often. Can someone help???
  11. I can no longer share notes AT ALL on my iMac. On my MB air the box comes up to share but NO LONK TO address book. Last upgrade upset something. I use this feature OFTEN. Can anyone help me? E chat told me to delete E and reinstall. Took time and nothing changed. Help!! Deborah L. Faust Attorney at Law Mail | POB 543 | Gretna, LA 70054 700 Churchill Parkway | Avondale, LA 70094 V (504)304-1500 F (877)250-8334 E faustlaw@gmail.com
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