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  1. This is an example of a file I have clipped as a pdf with the web clipper, is this counting as an attachment, or is this connected to the original link? I highlighted the link in yellow. And thank you Dave for the welcome and good suggestion. I will ask the IT department right when they open tomorrow!
  2. Hi, I am university student who gets my lectures from the teaching platform Blackboard, where I use the web clipper to save the teachers notes as PDF's into Evernote. I noticed that the original links are still apparent in the notes containing the PDF's I saved, and was wondering if the PDF is linked to the original site where I saved the content from. Next year I might not have access to these classes which contains these links, since I may only see the content from the current year. Im not sure what happens to the original sites then, but if they are deleted, will the PDF's I have saved stay
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