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  1. I'm trying out the Android 2.0 Beta now. Same issue. Only resolution option is 640x480. Please don't tell me this is something that can't be fixed because it's pre-Android OS 2.2 and that's what is required. I really can't afford to go buy an Evo just yet.
  2. I'd like to add another thing I learned recently. Some phones (like mine) will not be getting Android OS 2.2. The HTC Hero and Samsung Moment from Sprint will not be getting 2.2. So, if this "issue" is being fixed by upgrading the OS, it's not going to happen. Please take this into consideration. Thanks.
  3. I see that some others had this issue fixed with an Android update. My HTC Hero is still not working. Same issue. Only the smallest resolution appears in the options inside of Evernote photo taking. Perhaps this is Sprint's fault? I'd believe that that easily. I don't think they do much for keeping their ***** current in a timely manner. I'm running the latest version, released on 6/6/2010. Current Version: Software – 2.27.651.6 Firmware – 2.1 Eclair You can find the page for my phone here. http://support.sprint.com/support/artic ... 009-155624
  4. I'm sorry, but the only option I have for resolution is the smallest in the Evernote application. It's the same camera controls for the built in camera application which give me more. It's starting to sound like this is an isolated problem, but it is a problem.
  5. And it's been reported on my thread here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=17301&start=0 Same maker, different model. Nothing has been fixed in months. Right now if I want to take a larger picture I've been taking it with the camera and then "sharing" it with Evernote. It's a work around but I'd still love this fixed in the Evernote application. I'm using the Gadget bar now too.
  6. I've written about this before, but I'm surprised at how few report having this issue in the forums. The newest version 1.4 (84727) of the Android App is supposed to use the same camera settings as the phone, but I am only able to take the smallest resolution pictures with no option to select higher resolutions like I can in just the camera. I've seen others report this problem back in the Beta version. Just want to make sure this issue is being looked into. Also, is local caching of data coming in the next version? I heard that it was. I do love the cool multi function search though on Android. Nice job on that guys. Edit: I will add that my phone is a Sprint HTC Hero. I had this problem before and after the recent OS 2.1 update.
  7. I had emailed support on this and assumed that it's a known issue. I wanted to share that I recently updated my HTC Hero to a newer Android OS and it did not fix the problem. Evernote is only seeing the smallest camera resolution option. And I am running 1.4 (84727). Hope this gets fixed. I was using my nice 5MP camera to take large, detailed pics before.
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